Many of us begin using sleeping pills when we have trouble falling asleep.  A sleeping pill may be a quick method of solving our sleep related issues, but does its good outweigh the harm it does to our mental and physical self? Sleeping pills can be harmful to your health and may cause serious issues in the long run.

Many of us begin using sleeping pills when we have trouble falling asleep. But did you know that #sleeping pills can be harmful to your #health and may cause serious issues in the long run.Click To Tweet


Why do we need sleeping pills in the first place?

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?
If you have taken any sleeping pills, you should know that they are effective almost immediately. If you have trouble falling asleep quickly then popping a pill may be the fastest way to do the job.
Anyone suffering from a sleep-related disorder such as insomnia knows how it can have adverse effects on your daily routine. Have you ever had insomnia? How did that feel? can lead to exhaustion, stress, depression and severe health issues.  Sleeping pills are useful in solving some of these issues.
Sleeping pills are convenient and easy to obtain. The side effects of sleepless are easily detectable, and therefore self-diagnosis is possible. Although stronger sleeping pills are medicated, there are cheaper over the counter sleeping pills accessible to everyone. You can order sleeping pills through the internet and have them delivered to your home. Unbelievable, right?
If your body clock is off, you can use these pills to set it straight. Using sleeping pills routinely for a couple of weeks will have your body create a balanced schedule.


Sleep medication has serious possible side effects

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?

They are addictive
Using sleeping pills regularly for an extended period may have you developing psychological dependency. The thought of you going to sleep without medication makes it hard for you to sleep. You develop side effects related to sleepless including restlessness and depression.
They cause severe allergic reactions in some people
Instances of allergic reactions to both the active and inactive ingredients in sleeping pills have been recorded in some individuals. Some of these include chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, and vomiting. Be careful; these side effects could be fatal if you have pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, , and blood pressure.
Drowsiness during the day
Research has shown that the effect of common sleeping pills may last up to 8 hours. This may be dangerous if you take more than one tablet, take a pill too late in the night or have less than eight hours of sleep. The effects of the drug remain in your system for a few more hours, causing you to feel tired and drowsy.  Imagine having to drive somewhere while you’re feeling sleepy. It also puts you at high risk of being involved in a car accident.



Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?
Increased risk of death
Sleeping pills are known to mask serious health issues.  If you have an illness that is leading to insomnia, sleeping pills may not be the best answer. For instance, if you have constant migraines that prevent you from having a good night sleep; sleeping pills may not be able to solve the problem.
Your body develops resistance
Most doctors prescribe sleeping pills for short-term use. When you take prescribes sleeping pills longer than advised, your body may start building a tolerance to them. You will need higher doses to achieve the same effect.
Parasomnias are behaviors or movements you may not have control over.  Sleepwalking and talking are some examples of this behavior. Sleep medication can cause these abnormal movements in some people. I think we both agree that waking up and finding yourself in a different room or place to where you slept may be a little scary and worrying.

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?
They lead to heartburn
Most sleeping pills contain acidic compounds. These compounds enhance the development of heartburn and in your stomach. Imagine taking a sleeping pill, sleeping through the night the waking up to a severe stomach ache that may last for hours. Is it worth the risk? Too much acid in your system dissolves your stomach lining and forms ulcers.
 Sleeping pills and alcohol
The Next time you are thinking about swallowing your sleeping pill with some alcohol, don’t. Taking sleeping pills and alcohol at the same time may be deadly. Some of us ignore the doctor’s advice of not mixing medicinal drugs with alcohol.
Those who are addicted to these pills use alcohol to multiply their effects. Alcohol increases the sedative effect of a sleeping pill. Why is this dangerous? This combination can cause impulsiveness behavior, memory loss, and severe health issues.
Luckily, addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills can be corrected through behavioral therapy.


Are you still thinking about taking those sleeping pills?

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?
In my opinion, sleeping pills are not good. They are unnecessary and pose a significant danger to our health. Even though they are fast acting, they may be a temporary solution to our problems. Using sleeping pills is like trying to solve a problem with another one. You end up having more issues than you signed up for. There are more natural ways you can use to help with you sleeping problems.

Healthy alternatives to taking sleeping pills include #yoga and #meditation, creating a #sleeping schedule, #eating well, and avoiding #stimulants like alcohol or coffee before bedtime.Click To Tweet


What are the alternatives?

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad?
Try exercising. Relax! Exercise does not necessarily mean heavy lifting or 10-mile jogs. All you need is twenty-minute aerobics, one hour before you sleep. Exercise helps you burn energy and makes your body tired and yearning for rest.
Do yoga and teach yourself . Yoga and meditation will help you relieve anxiety and lower your blood pressure. When you are relaxed, you are likely to fall asleep naturally.
Create a sleeping schedule. A sleeping program helps your internal clock create a balanced plan. Do this by sleeping and waking up at the same time regularly. Once your body adjusts to this routine, you will have no trouble sleeping.
Invest in good food, avoid taking alcohol and coffee before you go to bed. These types of foods contain stimulants which increase your blood pressure and activeness making it had to sleep. Invest in foods rich in melatonin. Melatonin is a compound occurring naturally in the brain and responsible for sleep.
In addition, keep cool at night. Studies have shown that cold temperatures make it easier for you to fall asleep.


Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you use natural ways to improve the quality of your sleep?
Share your thoughts and comments with us.

Is Sleep Medication Good or Bad? -  Sleeping pills can be harmful to your health. Healthy alternatives to taking sleeping pills include #yoga and #meditation, creating a #sleeping schedule, #eating well, and avoiding #stimulants like alcohol or coffee before bedtime.  #sleepingpills   #sleepmedication  #sleeping  #insomnia  #sleep #sleepingpillsideeffects