Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's Start of Summer Workout

Exercise, along with a healthy diet, should be part of our lifestyle all year long.

However, with summer on the way, there is an urgency to achieve what would normally take

months, and crunch them into several weeks.

Now that summer’s literally just around the corner you are probably thinking seriously about

getting your body toned and shaped for the beach or to at least look good in those cute summer

shorts you are dying to wear!

Perhaps you have seen the commercial about the woman who has a brand, new polka-dot

bikini proudly displayed in her bedroom, giving her the incentive she needs to tone and

shape her body in preparation for summer fun at the beach.

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's "Start of Summer" Workout

Some of you may have purchased new swimwear already–although not necessarily a bikini.

And many of us have already begun to get ready to for summer by engaging in a healthy

exercise and diet regimen in order to look and feel our very best–while some of us have

not started yet.

So, in preparation for beach weather here are some ways in which you can tone and shape

your body for the summer with the right exercise regimen along with strategic dietary changes.

The good news is there’s still time to look your best for the summer months.

So, take out your bathing suit, hang it on the outside of your closet door for inspiration,

and let’s get cracking.

A Few “Tone and Shape” Tips

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's "Start of Summer" Workout

While there are many theories on the best way to exercise to tone and shape the body, here

are some suggestions which may help you in this regard.

Weight training is ideal for toning and shaping your body.

Different exercises 3 times a week can help you achieve the buff look you are striving for.

Fitness experts agree that weight training 3 times a week and targeting all of the muscle

groups can achieve the best results.

Starting with 1 set of exercises and then building up to two or three is suggested.

They also recommend 8 to 12 repetitions as the standard form of weight training exercise.

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's "Start of Summer" Workout

In addition, they advise that the weight should be heavy enough so that the target muscle

is completely fatigued by the last repetition.

According to most fitness enthusiasts, the general consensus is that in order to reshape and

tone your body, boost metabolism, and burn body fat, you have to ensure that all of your

workouts are fairly intense.

By engaging in a healthy diet and exercise program, you should see improvement not only in

the amount of energy you have, but in the amount of weight loss achieved as well as increased

muscle tone.

Are you ready to jumpstart summer fitness?

I am!

To help you start shaping up for summer, follow fitness trainer, TreFitNYC’s

“Start of Summer” Workout below:

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's Start of Summer Workout

Week 1 & 2 (Strength Training) – 3 sets each exercise


1) Squats 8-10 reps

2) Leg curls 8-10 reps

3) Jumping lunges 30 sec.


1) Lat pull down 8-10 reps

2) Bar bell bent over row or T-Bar 8-10 reps

3) Battle rope 30 sec.


1) Barbell chest press 8-10 reps

2) Cable flyes 8-10 reps

3) Mountain climbers 30 sec.


1) Barbell curls 8-10 reps/ Close grip barbell press 8-10 reps

2) Dumbbell curls/ Tricep push down 8-10 reps

3) Burpees 30 sec.


1) Barbell press 8-10 reps

2) Barbell upright rows 8-10 reps

3) 2.5 lbs dumbbell jumping jacks 30 sec.


1) Plank 1 min.

2) Leg raises 1 min.

3) Russian twist 1 min.

Basic Guidelines:

*Workout 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

*Cardio on off days at 80% MHR

*Cardio every morning before breakfast at 65% MHR for 30 min.

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's "Start of Summer" Workout

Other exercise routines can include aerobic exercises 3 to 5 days a week for 30 to 35 minutes.

The cardiovascular workout will increase your metabolism and allow for weight reduction as well.

If you are too busy to devote 30 to 45 minutes, you can certainly engage in high-intensity 10-minute

workouts 3 times a day.

Include walking at a brisk pace, climbing stairs and even jumping rope.


“We all strive to look and

feel our best.

However, it is during the

summer months that we

seem to step up the pace.”


You can look fantastic this summer by following these tips and workout suggestions.

Remember, diet and exercise, while important, should be achieved in a healthy manner.

Quick weight loss can be detrimental to your health, and exercising too strenuously can

cause injury.

Just make a commitment to stick with the program and you’ll be beach-ready sooner

than you think!

Copy & Save this “Start of Summer” Workout” for easy reference:

Start Building a Summer-Ready Body with TreFitNYC's "Start of Summer" Workout

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