Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

You’ve finally seized those coveted vacation days.

But you don’t want to travel this year — you want to spend some downtime

with your family.

That’s OK!

You don’t have to go to Disney World or on a fancy cruise to make the most of your

week off from work.

A staycation — that is, a vacation you spend at home — can be a great opportunity

to rejuvenate your spirit.

And in fact, you may even be doing the environment a favor by remaining local and

practicing the “Netflix and chill” routine.

Interested in seizing a staycation?

Here’s how you can make it a sustainable one!

On Sustainability

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Let’s face it — your latest trip across the country took a major toll on your wallet.

(The average seven-day, six-night travel plan costs a whopping $4,167 for a family of four

not including food).

But do you know the toll that vacations take on the environment?

Air travel — sometimes referred to as the “biggest carbon sin” — makes up 10% of all

greenhouse gas emissions.

A single round trip from New York to Europe, or even just to California, produces a

warming effect equivalent to two or three tons of carbon dioxide per person.

Long road trips aren’t much better.

Driving your car also causes the release of greenhouse gases and ultimately contributes

to climate change.

So allotting your time off work to a staycation — instead of a go-someplace-cation —

may just be a good idea.

They don’t call it “home, sweet home” for nothing, after all.

And you know you don’t spend enough time there.

How Do I Enjoy a Staycation?

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Along with its benefit to the environment, a staycation gives your brain the opportunity

to unwind.

Basically, you get to put the world on hold for a little bit.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your staycation.

1. Skip the Chores

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Sure, you’ve splattered your soup far too many times, and that microwave is begging

for a cleaning.

But not right now.

This is your time off — so take it.

That means, take time for yourself — not for chores.

The microwave won’t combust just because there’s a little Campbell’s Tomato stuck

to the side.

Skip the vacuuming, too.

Remember that it can wait.

2. Try New Recipes

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

You’re off for a week, so why not explore your creative chef side?

Your microwave may be a mess, but your stove is just dusty — because you’ve been

neglecting it for too long.

Now is your opportunity to test it out!

And if you’re worried about your carbon footprint, there are plenty of ways to reduce

it by buying gourmet frugal ingredients.

3. Visit a Museum

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Just because you’re sticking local doesn’t mean you have to stick indoors.

Remember that museum you’ve lived close to for five years and never visited?

Museums make you feel good — and deliver a little bit of learning.

So go and seek that history, art or science lesson you’ve been craving for a while.

4. See a Movie

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Maybe the theater has a flick you’ve been wanting to see since its release date or the

Redbox FINALLY has the latest installment of your favorite superhero movie.

Whatever your preference, you have the time off — so grab the popcorn, sit back and

relax your tired mind with a new movie.

5. Take a Hike

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

You had fitness goals this year, but now you’re beating yourself up for not meeting them.

A staycation gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up!

You can use the time off to become a healthier you.

Consider going for a hike with some friends or family, or even sign up for an exercise class

at the local gym.

6. Shop Until You Drop

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Isn’t it time to revamp your wardrobe — and impress your colleagues with your swanky

new clothes when you get back to the workplace?

Maybe you could benefit from a trip to the mall.

Lots of stores have winter sales right now, so you won’t have to spend your whole paycheck

when you go out — unless, of course, you’re in the mood to splurge.

7. Plant a Garden

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment

Want a staycation idea that actually helps the environment?

Use your break to, well, break ground with your own garden!

Whether you have the space for a small tomato plant or a mini-greenhouse, building a garden

can bring you satisfaction — and relaxation.

Just consider it a tool to harvest your success.

Heal Your Mind, Heal the Atmosphere

Staycations: Good for Your Mind and the Environment
Your time off is coming up and it’s time to plan that dream staycation.

Now you have some ideas for making it the best break of your life.

And now you know that — besides just avoiding the stress of travel — you’re doing a little

favor to the environment, too.

You’re reducing not just your footprints, but your carbon ones.


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Jennifer Landis is a healthy living blogger, mother, and wife who enjoys clean eating, kayaking, yoga, and travelling! Find more from Jennifer on her blog, Mindfulness Mama.


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