If being overweight is having an impact on your life, losing weight can be a good goal to have.  However, while many people find the goal itself to be motivating at the start, it doesn’t take long before, for many people, the unhealthy habits return and the motivation begins to dwindle.  If you feel a bit stuck in a rut with your weight loss plan, keep reading.  We’re going to provide you with some fantastic tips that will hopefully get you back on the right track.

Staying motivated while on a #weight loss journey is tough, and it’s something that most people deal with, however if you keep a few tips in mind, you should find it easier to cope with next time. Click To Tweet

1. Understand Why You Want to Lose Weight

There are many different reasons to want to lose weight.  Maybe you want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, maybe you want to improve your cholesterol, or maybe you just want to have more energy and be able to keep up with the kids.  Whatever your reason, understanding why you want to lose weight can help you to remember why you started a weight loss plan in the first place.  Try to think of some smaller benefits as well.  Getting down to a healthy weight in the long term is obviously going to be fantastic, but think how good you’ll feel after an hour’s exercise session.  The small things will help get you to your long-term goal.
Struggling with Weight Loss Motivation? These Tips Will Help

2. Write Your Goals Down

Studies have shown that writing your goals down makes you more accountable for them.  So, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down your short-term goals.  This could be losing one or two pounds a week, or it could be fitting in an exercise session every morning before work.  Stick your goal list to your fridge, or somewhere else where you will see it every day.  This will help to remind you of the task ahead, and encourage you to remain accountable.
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3. Seek Support

While it can be awesome to have the support of your partner or your kids, a better idea is to find a supportive community that consists of people with similar goals.  Your partner and kids will only be able to do so much, but a can help encourage you can help encourage you on the days you are struggling, and also provide some fantastic tips.  You can find people online as well as in your local community.  You never know, you may even find some gym buddies who can motivate you throughout your journey.
Struggling with Weight Loss Motivation? These Tips Will Help

4. Set up a Rewards System

From the time we are kids, we are hardwired to seek out positive reinforcement.  So, giving yourself rewards when you meet a certain goal can do wonders for your motivation – so long as the reward isn’t eating a pint of ice cream or heading to McDonalds!  Maybe you’ve got your eye on a gorgeous ’s collection that you know will look amazing when you lose a few pounds.  The second you lose a dress-size, you can order it and treat yourself.  Other great rewards include a manicure, a new cookware set, or a new pair of running shoes.  So long as it’s not harmful to your goal, though, you can choose whatever treat you want.

Struggling with Weight Loss Motivation? These Tips Will Help

5. Start Today

It’s easy to say that you’ll begin your weight loss journey after New Year’s, after your birthday, or after the next work party that’s coming up, but if you think like that, there will always be something new on the agenda that will prevent you from getting started.  There’s no time like the present to get started, so cut the excuses and start today.  Think of how much extra weight you will lose too by getting started now!  Make this change and don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers.
Struggling with Weight Loss Motivation? These Tips Will Help

6. Stop Expecting Perfection

If you expect perfection, you’re only going to set yourself up for disappointment.  Instead, set manageable goals that will be easy to meet if you put the work in.  Remember, too, that there will be days when things won’t go to plan.  You may on an outing with friends, or you may skip a workout.  This doesn’t mean that the rest of the day should be written off.  You can still make healthy choices outside of these things.  Plus, one cookie isn’t going to make you put tons of weight on, but giving up and returning to old habits will.
The longer you continue to make healthy choices, the more natural everything will become, and the more you’ll settle into a routine.  Staying motivated while on a weight loss journey is tough, and it’s something that most people deal with, however if you keep the above advice in mind, you should find it easier to cope with next time.  Good luck.
What are your favorite tips for losing weight?
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