Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes -

Are you suffering from acne or the unsightly scars caused by it?

Acne–be it moderate or severe–tends to leave scars which are intolerable at times, but can be

treated with immense care.

These scars, known as acne holes, are consequences of damaged underlying skin support after

acne–which later creates a hole-like appearance.

With acne comes misconceptions and mythical beliefs in our society.

It is time for people with acne to understand the reason why it is extremely forbidden to squeeze or

 pick acne pimples, especially for youngsters who are experiencing puberty.

Acne usually doesn’t leave scars behind, but constantly picking on it can upset the already vulnerable

skin, leaving notoriously unattractive marks that just don’t go away.

Dermatologists have found ways these holes that were incurable before can be healed now with 

proper treatment.

If you want to get rid of these holes but you already have acne on your skin, get rid of it first.

Make sure your acne has gone away completely before you spend your time and strength treating

the acne holes.

Following are some of the methods that can help heal your acne holes within few months:

Natural Remedies for Acne Holes

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes -

Most natural home remedies have almost zero side effects when it comes to treating your skin,

which is why many of us engage in various home remedies rather than getting medical or surgical

treatments, because we are often concerned about the side effects.

Here are a few natural remedies for acne holes to try:

Lemon Juice

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

Lemons are always effective when it comes to keeping skin healthy and glowing.

Lemon juice can help in removing the dead cells from skin surface and can gradually grow new

skin cells to fill up the holes.


Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

Honey is always good for people who have acne or who just like to have a buttery skin.

You can use honey in two ways; either you can apply it directly on your skin, if not twice than

at least ones a day or you can consume one tablespoon to allow it to work from the inside.

If you like experimenting, try mixing honey with lemon, oatmeal, turmeric powder, or yogurt

for fresh looking skin.

You can also use apple cider vinegar which helps kill bacteria and make your skin smoother.


Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

These are vitamin C-rich factories that are loaded with benefits, especially for acne victims.

Vitamin C in tomatoes seizes sebum production which is the main culprit of spreading acne.

Cut a slice and apply it directly to acne holes every day.

Apart from all the aforementioned foods you can always experiment with more items from

your grocery store or kitchen counter.

Just make sure to try them out in a small area before applying any mixture all over your face,

because you may be allergic to something that you never knew before.

Changing to a Healthier Lifestyle

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

Making healthy lifestyle changes is the most obvious option that you will have to take in order

to get rid of acne and acne holes all together.

Even if you apply for dermatological treatments, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep

the skin healed and healthy.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and keep junk foods, unhygienic meals, sodas, and

high-sugar products away because these things can trigger even more acne production.

To get healthy skin, you have to include excellent sources of minerals and vitamins, which are

beneficial on so many levels.

By living a healthy lifestyle, I also mean adopting a better skincare routine.

And that does not mean you have to invest in high-end cosmetic products that often do not

deliver what they promise in their sensational advertisements.

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

Having a great skincare routine means properly cleaning your face with gentle cleanser,

scrubbing it once a while, exfoliating your skin to remove the dead skin cells, moisturizing

it to prevent breakouts, and applying less makeup to keep your skin safe from harsh

cosmetic ingredients.

If you are not sure which diet plan you should adopt, ask your dermatologist.

They can provide tips and a perfect diet plan according to your body’s requirements.

Most importantly, drink plenty of water.

It is hard to count all the amazing benefits water can provide for your body.

It flushes out toxins housed in our skin and moisturizes our skin as well.

Even if you have a perfect moisturizer from an expensive brand, it can never be as good

as water.

Dermatological Treatments

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes -

If you have a severe case of acne holes that does not respond to natural remedies, you may wish

to consult with a good dermatologist.

A dermatologist can be your best friend when it comes to acne, so make sure you take advice from

them before choosing any treatment for yourself because they know skin types better than you do.

Some dermatological treatments include:

Laser Resurfacing: The American Academy of Dermatology claims that laser skin resurfacing is

one of the most effective treatments for people with severe acne holes.

In this treatment laser causes wounds on your skin, which is treated later by medical ointments that

you have to apply for couple of weeks until your skin is completely healed.

Filler Treatment: This is a less promising technique as patients need to repeat the process after

every three months because the results aren’t long lasting.

Synthetic fillers are injected in the skin by the dermatologists to fill the holes, and sometimes your

body’s own tissues can also be taken as fillers depending upon what you are more comfortable with.

Suffering from Acne Scars? Healthy Natural Ways to Treat Acne Holes

Acne Surgery: It has been considered one of the best treatments for filling acne holes with great

lifelong results.

With surgery, holes are filled by the doctors to eliminate the gaps.

Usually bruising last for a few days after surgery.

Chemical Peels: Another process is healing holes with chemical peels.

In this scenario, doctors treat skin with extremely acidic solution that damages the top layer of skin,

allowing new skin cells to grow.

The healing process usually takes about 14 days.

Always consult with your dermatologist beforehand to discuss  the side affects you will face after the

completion of the treatment you choose, because some cases have higher rates of risks than others.


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