Sustainable NYC

Sustainable NYC Ecofriendly Store and Cafe

A trip to Avenue A rarely ends without me stopping to browse in Sustainable NYC. Walking into the densely-packed storefront and cafe, Sustainable NYC in the East Village, feels a lot like entering an old-style general store with a little bit of everything that you need in one place. At first it’s a bit jarring and you’re really not sure where to start. There are so many wonderful and intriguing items in all colors, shapes and sizes vying for your attention–and most of them are ‘green’. Of particular interest are recycled creations of from myriad materials and origins.
That’s because Sustainable NYC specializes in offering a wide range of carefully-selected, eco-friendly ‘everyday’ products for women, men, babies and home–making living greener a lot easier!
They are deeply-committed to selling products that are:

• Local

• Organic

• Fair trade

• Recycled

• Re-purposed

• Biodegradable

• Alternative energy

Greening Their Business

Thankfully, Sustainable NYC does more than just sell eco-friendly and fair trade products. They make a significant effort to practice what they preach by creating a business that is as green as possible. For example, according to Sustainable, among other green actions:
• Reclaimed lumber from NYC buildings was used to build the storefront.
• Furniture and fixtures are recycled and for sale.
• Eco-friendly paint and wallpaper are used.
• Their utility provides energy from alternative sources
• Fair trade, organic coffee is served.

The Hunt for Organic Red Lipstick is Over!

I have shopped there many times and I usually leave with something organic or eco-friendly that I need!
On this trip I found an organic, non-toxic lipstick that in a shade that worked with my complexion.

Sustainable NYC Ecofriendly Store and Cafe

Finally found an organic red lipstick that I love!

An Eco-friendly Shopper’s Paradise

Their carefully-researched selection of products includes:
-Home supplies, compact fluorescent bulbs, water filters, automatic composters
-Biodegradable home cleaning products
-Organic baby clothing, shoes, gifts, toys and safe baby bottles and accessories
-Organic, all natural and biodegradable beauty products
-Women’s and Men’s eco-alternative clothing, shoes and bags
-Recycled paper, soy ink gift card and wrapping paper, journals, school supplies
-Solar backpacks and chargers for smart phones
-Green/eco books, publications and a local green resource wall
-Climate change, fair trade & raw chocolate
-Biodegradable party supplies for events

 See What Else Caught My Eye

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

Cool upcycled top and bag gives ‘pop tops’ a new meaning!

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

Green thumb not required to succeed with these mini-organic gardens.

Sustainable NYC Ecofriendly Store and Cafe

Manos de Madres Fair Trade Laptop Bag made by women in Africa.

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

Recycled mirror frames and home accessories.

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

Must-have, handmade organic soaps!

Sustainable NYC: Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

I take this non-toxic polish to my nail salon!

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

An assortment of Toms to match any outfit.

Sustainable Cafe and Events

More than just a store, Sustainable NYC hosts a regular schedule of eco-friendly and cause-related events, product promotions, book parties and more. The Cafe, which is a free-wifi-zone –making it a cool place to hang out with friends or your Ipad, before or after shopping–features fair trade and organic coffee and espresso by Brooklyn Roasting Company. Plus, you can enjoy assorted teas, light vegan snacks, soups, salads and desserts.

Sustainable NYC Making it a Lot Easier to Live Green

The Cafe with free-wifi-is a cool place to nibble with friends or check your Ipad.


The Essentials

Sustainable NYC
139 Avenue A near 9th Street
New York, NY 10009
Where do you shop for organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products? Share your comments with us below.