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How to Save Your Floor from Your Pets – Infographic

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You might love having pets, whether it’s a cat or a dog, but sometimes they’re not always great for our floors. From carpet to hardwood floors, our pets can sometimes damage the floor from scratching and accidents; you’ve probably experienced it for yourself at some point! Whether your cat has scratched your newly laid carpet or [...]

10 Eco-Upgrades You Absolutely Need in Your New Green Home

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In love with the idea of a green home but don't know where to start? The good folks at We Love Costa Rica suggest 10 of the hottest trends to realize the green home of your dreams. Want to save money while saving the environment? This handy infographic tells you which upgrades are the most cost effective and [...]

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8 Must-Have Apps for Nature Lovers – Infographic

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Nowadays there are lots of apps designed specifically for nature lovers. Sometimes if we want to see wildlife in their natural habitat, we need to go and find it. Luckily for us there are now tons of apps that can help you do just that. When the stresses of life get to be too much, getting out [...]

A Guide to Eye Care for Your Whole Family – Infographic

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Focusing on your family’s eye care is a big responsibility, especially for families with many generations. And products you may use daily can affect eye health. For example, makeup makes contact with you and your family’s eyes more than you may realize. Infant’s eyes are only 70 percent developed, making their eye care more important. And [...]

An Easy Guide to HIIT for Beginners – Infographic

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Love a great workout? Have you tried HIIT? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) refers to workouts that move between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even total rest. HIIT is designed to get and keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. Benefits of HIIT HIIT workouts: • Can help [...]

A Handy Guide to Urban Foraging: The Ultimate in Local Eating – Infographic

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Have you ever considered urban foraging? For years, I have seen notices in my city for wild foraging workshops lead by a local expert. I was curious and intrigued by this, but I never made the decision to take the plunge. Many city dwellers have no idea that foraging is a viable option for finding fresh, edible food. Most of us [...]

8 Terrific Tips to Help You Master Mindful Eating – Infographic

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Have you been known to mindlessly devour a giant bag or bucket of popcorn while watching your favorite movie? I have, unfortunately--as recently as last week at the latest 007 blockbuster! In fact, those popcorn kernels seemed to simply disappear! The bag of light popcorn with Himalayan sea salt--which I snuck in via backpack-- was empty before I knew [...]

40 Green and Creative Ways to Upcycle Glass, Paper, Plastic and Metals – Infographic

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Humans are literally drowning in trash! The rapidly-growing amount of waste is a critical environmental issue. The average person creates 4.3 pounds of waste per day—added up, that’s a lot of trash coming out of one household! Not to mention that this number has only increased over the decades. There are recycling programs in place to help, and many [...]

Freshen Your Home with 20+ Safe, Natural and Ecofriendly Air Freshener Ideas

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Who doesn't love a fresh, fragrant-smelling home! A pleasant-smelling is a happy place to be but make sure to rethink how you tackle the stink. Think twice before you grab some of the conventional aerosol air freshener sprays, candles and plug-ins. For good reasons... Unfortunately, many commercial air fresheners are full of toxic chemicals that are [...]