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5 Kitchen Gadgets Which Actually Make You Healthier

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Eating healthy is a concept which has been championed since the turn of the century. Campaigns run by professional chef Jamie Oliver would have a huge impact on the way we view healthy living as a society; transforming how and what we ate forever. Following that theme, let’s take a look at five kitchen gadgets which [...]

Kick Start a Healthy 2015! Enter to Win a Hamilton Beach ‘Big Mouth’ Juice Extractor

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It’s a New Year ! Time for a Healthier New You! And what better way to celebrate than with a FREE Giveaway! I’m kicking off January 2015 with something special that we all can use–a good quality, high speed Hamilton Beach 'Big Mouth' Juice Extractor. Free giveaways are my way of saying thank you for your [...]

Finer than Wine: 10 Delicious Beet Juice & Smoothie Recipes

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Finer than wine: Try these delicious beet juice & smoothie recipies When I was growing up, "Eat your beets" was the oft-repeated mantra of caring moms and dads--including mine. Back then beets weren't my favorite, but I managed to force them down, under pressure. Since I was very anemic, beets were the blood-building "tonic [...]

Where in the World Can I Find Organic Pressed Juice? Check the Pressed Organic Juice Directory

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Now you can easily locate organic pressed juice! As a health-conscious gal who loves to go places and do things, whether I am headed to another state or another county, one of my major concerns usually is: "How will I be able to find healthy, organic food and drink where I am going?" This [...]