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Your Natural Guide to Maintaining a High Metabolism

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You only get one body, and it's critical that you do what you can in order to take care of it. Vegetarianism offers people numerous health benefits, but sometimes it's necessary to be well-informed and vigilant in order to make sure that you get enough plant-based protein and other essential nutrients to maintain a high metabolism. Fortunately, there are natural tips [...]

Body Balance: Why Age-Related Weight Gain Doesn’t Have to Happen to You

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It is a common assumption that our bodies will add a few extra pounds as we get older, as a result of factors such as a slowing metabolic rate as part of the aging process and perhaps just good living and less exercise than we used to do. Those fundamental reasons for weight gain will have struck [...]

A New Year, A Better Body: I Finally Understand Why Morning Cardio is Important

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Let's face it, I have never been a morning person. Of course, I have to get up to go work, but even that is a struggle every morning. So when my fitness trainer told me that I needed to add pre-breakfast, fasted cardio to my fitness plan, I balked. I am just super-sleepy in the morning and the [...]

5 Steps to Increasing Your Metabolism to Help You Burn Belly Fat

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For as long as I can remember, I was the lucky one among my friends who never had a belly fat problem. But lately, to my surprise, my figure is slowly changing before my eyes. Coincidentally, everywhere I turned I saw a new book or headline addressing the apparent "fat belly epidemic"! So lately, I've been reading a lot of [...]