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Connect Your Home with the Natural World Using Biophilic Design

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The trend toward living green and a sustainable lifestyle is nothing new. What’s new are the options we have for creating eco-friendly rooms and reducing our environmental impact. There are many more opportunities to live a green lifestyle than there were before. With this emphasis, there needs to be an innate understanding of the natural world. [...]

Say Goodbye to the City and Go Camping

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Feeling over-stimulated with computer screens, mobile devices, copiers, coffee machines, and phone calls? They are noises that have become as common as breathing, but no less distracting. As humans, we still need that occasional, clear breath of fresh air. We still need the sun to warm us and the vitamin D we soak in our skin. [...]

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The Benefits of Hiking

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Many people enjoy taking a walk outside, and hiking is simply that--just on the next level. While hiking may seem like just a stroll through nature, there’s a lot more to hiking than merely walking outside. Hiking can improve your physical health, your social life, your mindset, and your self-esteem. To see some of the ways [...]

Top 5 Bootcamps Around Europe For Improved Wellbeing

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Staying on track when dieting or exercising can be extremely difficult without a coach or instructor to guide you 24/7. We’ve all been guilty of breaching the diet rules, but what do you do when you’re really struggling to stick to your health regime?       It’s simple – attend some of Europe’s [...]

Nature’s Healing Ways: Why Science Says You Should Spend More Time Outdoors

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There’s counseling, pills, and indoor facilities, yet there are trees, grains of sand and the great outdoors too. Nature has ways to entertain as well as heal. Some people are prescribed drugs to alleviate symptoms or eradicate an illness. Others are advised to find solace and solutions in the outdoors. However, it’s not just theoretical advice; [...]

8 Must-Have Apps for Nature Lovers – Infographic

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Nowadays there are lots of apps designed specifically for nature lovers. Sometimes if we want to see wildlife in their natural habitat, we need to go and find it. Luckily for us there are now tons of apps that can help you do just that. When the stresses of life get to be too much, getting out [...]

Discovering Nature Together: Outdoor Activities for Family Fun 

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Many studies have shown that even a short walk in nature can significantly reduce the symptoms of stress and improve well-being. Spending time outdoors in the fresh air is especially important for kids as it helps to improve their concentration, awareness and general health. If you are searching for fun outdoor activities to enjoy as a [...]

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