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Deducing the Damage – What to Do When You Have a Mystery Infestation

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There are lots of positives about owning a home. For one, you’re not wasting dead money on rent. You’re also investing in an asset that will likely increase in value with time. Plus, you’ve got a space to call your own and put your own stamp on. Yet home ownership comes with its challenges too. There’s [...]

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5 Tips That Get Your Yard Looking Better Than Ever

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There’s a lot to be said about the importance of curb appeal. It’s that feeling you get when you pull up to your house. Does it look inviting? Or do you get a less than hospitable vibe? When your yard is unkempt and overgrown, it drags the curb appeal way down. Even if your house is [...]

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Ways to Protect Your Family at Home

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A lot of planning goes into making the decision to buy a home. You research the crime rate, the school systems, where parks and stores are located, and the condition of the property itself. Now that you own your home there are others things you should do in order to safeguard your home, protect loved ones [...]

Ant Infestation: Avoiding Plant Damage and Painful Bites in Your Garden

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Ants can become a problem in any home or garden. But how can you tell if you have a problem? And what should you do if you discover an ant infestation? Here is a guide to the signs to look out for, as well as what you should do if you spot a problem. How Can [...]

17 Eco-friendly Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home and Garden – Infographic

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Does this pesky problem sound familiar? Each year, as the weather gets cooler, my dad starts to notice mice scampering quickly across the floor in his home, disappearing behind walls and through tiny openings only they can see. He is not very pleased about this because these annual, uninvited pests love to nibble their way into boxes of his favorite cereals. [...]