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A Step by Step Guide to Making Indian Tomato Dal/Dal Tadka

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Tomato Dal/ Dal Tadka is a popular Indian recipe with a high dose of protein and goes great with hot steaming rice or roti. The taste is a rich combination of tomatoes, onions and tur dal (pigeon pea lentils or red lentils) as the main ingredients. Required Ingredients for Tomato Dal: Pigeon pea or red lentils: [...]

The Best Potato Pancakes Ever

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Potato pancakes, also known as latkes, are a traditional Hanukkah meal. However, even though many of us in the States associate latkes exclusively with Hanukkah, these delicious pancakes originate from Europe. To be more precise, they used to be a common peasant food in countries like Austria, Germany, Russia, and Poland. For the best pancake recipes [...]