Thanksgiving Day’s arrival is a signal that the holiday season is truly here. Families and friends gather not only to give thanks for what they have but undoubtedly to overindulge with a veritable feast of stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pie, and, of course, turkey … all paired with copious amounts of wine.

Anyone who’s celebrated knows that this meal is usually followed by lounging around watching football or napping and continued grazing through the day. And with leftovers galore, the high-calorie gluttony continues into the next day with creative variations of the aforementioned food—turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwich, anyone?

With other holidays and meals to follow over the next month, it’s easy for some to let the calorie counting go until New Years Day when they’ll definitely get that gym membership or start doing yoga or do a cleanse.



But why wait until things may have gotten out of control? Start your health kick right after Thanksgiving to make sure you’re on track all winter long.


Here are the 5 best ways to detox after Thanksgiving.

Green Tips That Will Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

Up the Antioxidants

Help your body to repair itself and add plenty of nutrient-rich foods to your diet. And while that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie might have some nutritional value, we’re talking foods that are low in calories and high in micro- and macronutrients. Vitamins and minerals will help repair your body and any possible damage you’ve done. Plus, eating roasted veggies like brussels sprouts are delicious, too.


Hit the Gym

Study after study shows that exercise is good for the body. Sure it burns off excess calories, but it also strengthens muscles and helps with balance and bone density. You should be doing some physical activity every day, but it’s especially important during holiday overindulgence season. If you live in a luxury condo, like 100 Shawmut in Boston’s East End, going to the gym is little more than heading to the building’s on-site state-of-the-art fitness facility.  So grab those weights or get on the elliptical and workout!

The 5 Best Tips for a Post-Thanksgiving ‘Detox’ 

Juices and Smoothies

Want to get some nutrition in quickly and easily without having to cook? Juicing and blending are the way to go. And luckily, high-quality pre-made juices and smoothies are available at most stores.



Nothing feels better than a good sweat, and a sauna or steam room are the ultimate ways to get the body temp high quickly. While sweating like this doesn’t necessarily remove “toxins” from your body, the heat increases circulation, which in turn might help the organs that do process out unwanted things to work a little faster. Plus, raising your body temp like this relaxes muscles and isn’t the most significant toxin of all: stress?

The 5 Best Tips for a Post-Thanksgiving ‘Detox’ 


Make certain that you’re taking care of the mind as much as you are the body. After all, it’s the holidays, and we all could use a little bit of relaxation. Meditation doesn’t have to be some esoteric study. It could be as simple as taking a few moments and paying attention to your breathing. Or download one of the many free apps available, if you’d like to try it with a little more guidance.


What are your favorite tips for a post-holiday detox?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



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