A good night’s sleep is what a . It allows him/her to work unstoppably with focus. All this is made possible with the right combination of mattresses and pillows. However, people pay attention to buying mattresses and those little cozy creatures which comfort your neck and head are ignored. This is not justice. That is why this article focuses on the best features a pillow needs and the best company that provides you with the same.

Good quality sleep is essential to good health. Choosing the right #pillows is important because your body heals and works on itself while you #sleep--and the right pillows aide in the process.Click To Tweet


The Art of Purchasing Pillows Unleashed

The design:

The shape of the pillow, the type of stitching involved and the type of fabric used in the stuffing is very important from the point of view of making a pillow. It is this crafting of the pillow which makes it unique and look stylish. Also it will give.
Pillows can be made for your drawing room, bedroom and living rooms. The need of the room will determine the type of pillow to be made. Just the touch of the pillow would tell you the comfort it will deliver. Tuft and Needle is the company that gives a lot of importance to this designing mechanism and crafts pillows that suit your needs.

The Stuffing:

All pillows come with a stuffing. You purchase pillows every year on an average because of the flattening of the fabric used. This problem–and the need to repurchase pillows–arises due to the low quality of stuffing in your pillows. Tuft and Needle is the company that emphasizes using T&N adaptive foam for stuffing, which is adjusted in terms of density and firmness for ideal pillow comfort.  The would pair best with the T&N mattress or Mint Mattress.

The cover:

The cover of the pillow is as important as its stuffing. The Tuft and Needle Company has used proper engineering to stitch a pillow cover that includes incredibly soft TENCEL fiber, that is both breathable and hypoallergenic.

Suits the Body mechanism:

which will ensure proper functioning of the body. The Tuft and Needle ensures that their pillows are made to suit most people’s requirements. The pillow is built so perfectly that it will allow the body’s blood to flow properly through the body–as the head gets aligned with the rest of the body in a straight line. The spinal system is in line and this makes the nervous system work best. Our body heals itself and works on itself while we sleep and the pillows aide in the process. The pillow is built so diligently that there is no need to keep flipping it over. Everyone can get used to the fabric and get a good sleep while resting upon it.
The Art of Purchasing Pillows Unleashed
Image source: Tuft and Needle Company

No Need to Get It Stuffed Again:

The same problem–which we discussed above–was that the pillows get flattened over time and this makes the person using it go out in search of new pillows or get the existing ones stuffed. But this is not the case with Tuft and Needle Company which boasts of giving a 3 year warranty on their product. The company believes that the pillows are so efficient that the person buying it will not be troubled for 3 years at least. Such statement needs research and testing. This shows the credibility of the product too.


The price of the pillow is a key concern for middle income groups. The price mechanism is what makes the difference between settling upon low grade pillows for many households. Now the Tuft and Needle Company has a solution for that too. Their pillows come along with a promise that the products they deliver will be quality products and the price charged for them will be reasonable.

100 Day Free Trial:

Good companies usually help you out in making your decisions–clearly and absolutely. They do not compete against any other company, but are their own trend setters. The Tuft and Needle Company allows its customers to take a free trial of their pillows for the first 100 days and they will refund the money to unsatisfied customers. However, there are no such cases of customers, as everyone falls in love with the specially crafted pillow.


Want to be double sure that your choice of the product is right? There are almost no companies that provide you with the option of a warranty. The Tuft and Needle company is the one that promises you a warranty of 3 years. They believe in building trust among people, delivering value and creating loyal customers. Such is the legacy of the Company and that is why it is one of the best Companies to purchase the product from.


It is the reviews of the company that allow a person to get a true and fair view of the product of the company rather than what the company says. The Tuft and Needle Company has been given 5 stars by Google and the number of reviews on the Company website keeps on increasing from time to time. However, a person must know how to differentiate between a true review and a fake one.
The Art of Purchasing Pillows Unleashed


Understanding the features of the product was a simple thing to do on the part of a researcher. Reading the article does not ensure that you will purchase the right product. The Company recommended in the article is an American company which is devoted to the art of making pillows and mattresses for the people of America and other countries at large. They also deal in furniture and bedding. The link given will lead you to the site of the company and will help you choose a pillow according to your need and prices. The company has a wide range of choices available for you and you can capitalize on them.
Guest Post by Tuft and Needle Company
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The Art of Purchasing Pillows Unleashed: Good quality sleep is essential to good health. Choosing the right #pillows is important because your body heals and works on itself while you #sleep--and the right pillows aide in the process. #sleep #pillow #pillows #bed #sleeping