Being a nurse is very fulfilling since you’ll get to help other people everyday. You can choose to work in any nursing field and become certified. Universities, like , can help you to specialize in the field that you want and get a certification.

Here are some of the benefits of entering a nursing career:


“Being a #nurse is very fulfilling

since you’ll get to help other

people everyday.”


1. Self-fulfilling

A nurse’ work can be tiring and stressful, but knowing that a person is healthy and alive because of you, is enough to make your day. You’ll not just make the patient’s lives better, you’ll give hope and make meaningful contributions to their families as well.

Self-fulfilment is a good feeling that can contribute to href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>better mental health. Making a difference may sound cliche, but it’s really the career’s altruistic motive — to save lives and make meaningful contributions to the society.


2. Flexible working time

Nurses are needed everywhere, so it’s your choice if you want to work full time, temporary, or just part time. You can choose to work on weekends or weekdays, or pick from 4 to 12-hour shifts each day. You can also practice and become a travel nurse of a company or an organisation, or just simply apply for vacancies across the country you’re traveling to.

The Benefits Of Entering A Nursing Career In Life 

3. Great salary

A very fair salary can be earned by nurses when performing their job, they’re also paid extra when working overtime. They’re usually paid hourly, and can expect to be paid more when their educational background and experience becomes more broad. They can also be paid when they get a certificate for their specialized field.

According to the May 2017 report of , 2,906,840 nurses are employed, with the average salary of 73,550 USD, which has an hourly rate of 35.36 USD.

Here’s the per annum estimates:

  • Highest 10% earned 101,630 USD
  • 50% earned 51,640 to 76,570 USD
  • Lowest 10% earned 46,360 USD


4. Work advancement

You can work at different job areas in the industry after finishing a nursing degree. Other than being a nurse in hospitals or clinics, you can also advance into management if your skills and experiences grow. You can become an assistant director of a nursing unit, or manage and lead many units. There’s a wide array of opportunities for this career, and you can become one of the leaders in the healthcare sector if you continue to move forward.

The Benefits Of Entering A Nursing Career In Life 

5. Relish benefits

When you’re a full time nurse, you can get dental and health benefits from your employer. Some may also offer discounts to the company’s affiliates, such as local establishments and fitness centers, free laboratory work annually, and provide life insurance as well. If you want to continue your education and get a master’s degree, then find an employer that offers free continuing education for nurses.

You can also receive:

  • Paid time-off
  • Holidays
  • Sick leaves
  • Maternity leave
  • Pension plans
  • Philanthropy benefits


6. Secured job

A healthcare facility won’t function without nurses, because they’re a big part of the healthcare system. Even if the economy becomes uncertain, you’ll always find a job. Especially with today’s aging population, there’s a great outlook on job growth for nurses. That’s why job security is one of the greatest benefits of being a nurse.

The Benefits Of Entering A Nursing Career In Life 

7. Many options for specialization

From the beginning of their career as a nurse, they’ll have a choice to choose what specialization they want. Their opportunities are endless, as specialties in this field are almost as many as the illnesses that patients have. They can also work outside of the hospital. Factories and corporations today are hiring nurses to help provide wellness to employees, and with claims and on-the-job injuries.

Specialties in nursing are still expanding as time goes by, so career offers are flexible. Here are some of the specializations available for nurses:

  • Public health nurse
    Ensures that the whole population is healthy. They usually focus on preventative measures and medicines, that’s why they educate people on how to make improvements on the health of their community to avoid illnesses.
  • Nurse practitioner
    They diagnose illnesses, prescribe medicines, and perform patient exams with doctor/physician supervision. In some states, they can have their own practice.
  • Health policy nurse
    They’re working at private and public organizations to create policies so the society or community will become healthier.
  • Anesthetist
    This is one of the most well-paid fields in nursing and needs a high level of experience, education and training. They provide follow up care, manage patient care, and gives anesthesia to patients that have a surgery procedure.

Nurses are always in demand, and there’ll be a job opportunity available for you. These are just some of the major benefits when you enter a nursing career.  You’ll make a difference not just in other people’s lives, but in your own life also.


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