The Best Homemade, All-Natural Stain Removers

Making your own natural stain removers is an excellent idea for the first step towards a life

free of toxins and chemicals.

If you would like to throw all the dangerous and often expensive cleaning substances out of

your home, go ahead.

We will be glad to give you some support and this is why we have prepared a list of the best

natural stain removers you can make on your own.

Green cleaning products are equally effective as commercial ones (sometimes even more),

but they are not dangerous for your health and safety.

“Every type of stain can be dealt

with by using a homemade stain

remover without a trace

of bleach, benzene, methylene

chloride or parabens.”


All the things needed for green stain removal can be found in your home.

So take care of both nature’s safety and your health and follow our tips to handle some of the most

common stains:

The Best Homemade, All-Natural Stain Removers

• Oils and grease

To fight oil and grease, cover the stain with an absorbing material and then sprinkle salt, baby powder or even cornstarch. Leave the spot like this for 15 minutes and then brush off the agent you selected. In case there are still some greasy remainders, mix equal parts of natural soap and lemon juice (you can replace it with vinegar) and treat the stain with it.

• Red wine

Red wine stains are a nightmare for every housewife, but we have an amazing solution for them, too. First you have to blot the liquid gently, but very quickly. After that sprinkle some salt and leave it for 12-15 minutes to absorb the remaining wine. Put away the salt, which will have become pink by that time. The final step is to wipe the stain with a cleaning solution of 1:2 white vinegar and water and rinse well.

The Best Homemade, All-Natural Stain Removers

• Coffee

You can clean coffee stains from fabrics by first blotting the blemish to get rid of the excess liquid and dabbing it with a large amount of white vinegar. Finally, wash the textile as normal, but do not dry it in case the stain has not completely vanished after this treatment. Letting the cloth dry will make the blot permanent.

• Chocolate

Club soda is the perfect non-chemical chocolate-stain cleaning product. Soak the stain in soda and let it fizz and thus lift the stain out of your clothes or carpet.

The Best Homemade, All-Natural Stain Removers

• Blood

Blood stains can be easily removed with the help of the natural substitute for bleach – hydrogen peroxide. Spray the stain directly with some 3% hydrogen peroxide, using a spray bottle and allow it to work for a minute. Then wipe the place thoroughly and rinse it with cold water.

• Ink

Ink stains have to be removed very fast, otherwise you will never get rid of them. Right after the spill, place the stained cloth over a paper towel and dab it with rubbing spirit. This will make the stain move to the towel below.

Bonus nature-friendly cleaning tip:

Human saliva holds enzymes that can breakdown your blood. So, if you do not have hydrogen peroxide at your disposal but want to act swiftly, wet the fresh blood stain with saliva, wait a few minutes, rub the blemished surface and rinse well with cool water. Hot water should never be used for blood stains as it will seal them within the fabric.

The Best Homemade, All-Natural Stain Removers
Ruining an excellent outfit or your favorite carpet and curtains with a coffee, chocolate or whatever

stain is very unpleasant.

Fortunately for those who are properly prepared, most stains are not at all a challenge to be removed

and moreover you can do it with absolutely safe products.

Some of the common ingredients in every kitchen can do miracles when it comes to fighting filth, so

forget about the toxic stain removers and follow the helpful advice we shared above.


What are your favorite natural stain removers?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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