Here in the 21st century, sanitary water is one of the most precious resources we have at our disposal. It’s also among the scarcest. One out of every nine people worldwide lives without reliable access to clean, hygienic water that’s actually safe for drinking and bathing, which is a far cry from the average state of affairs in here in the developed world!

It goes without saying that something’s got to be done about those numbers. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations, charities and companiesincluding a number of nonprofits, helping water conservation and water scarcity. They are working tirelessly to make water scarcity a thing of the past.


“One out of every nine people

worldwide lives without reliable

access to clean, hygienic water

that’s actually safe for drinking

and bathing.”


The following are some of our absolute favorites. Which one has your attention?


The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

WATERisLIFE is a wonderful non-profit organization that’s not just focused on finding short-term water sanitation solutions for people in developing nations in need, such as Haiti, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They’re also working hard to establish stable, reliable long-term solutions for those same communities.

One of the ways they’re accomplishing this is via technology. To be more specific, they’ve developed a special filtration device called The Straw that can deliver safe, drinkable water via nearly any water source. Just one of these devices has the ability to provide clean water for up to a year, even removing waterborne parasites and other microorganisms from drinking water.

WATERisLIFE is also highly dedicated to ongoing research into sustainable solutions, as well as campaigns designed to educate and inform those in need. Efforts are tailored to fit each unique community, the better to empower citizens and safeguard the long-term safety of local water sources.

Charity: Water

The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

Like many non-profits focused on helping with ongoing global water issues, Charity: Water is dedicated to not only preserving the integrity of the world water supply, but making sure all the world’s people have enough safe water to drink. A full 100% of the money they raise goes toward technology that can directly address the problem.

Examples include reliable sanitary wells, water filtration systems and . Regions that receive assistance include but are not limited to Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Charity: Water is also exceptionally good at mobilizing people and providing diverse opportunities to get involved. You can help by volunteering or helping to raise funds, of course. Many supporters of Charity: Water also partake in their event, a campaign that finds participants requesting donations on behalf of the charity in lieu of presents.

The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

Originally founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, works to provide communities in developing nations everywhere with ample access to safe drinking water. A strong focus is also placed on the implementation of sustainable sanitary solutions. Nations and areas where these issues are being addressed include the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Latin America. works closely alongside various partners to build wells in needy communities around the world. Intensive training sessions are also part of the mix with a high priority placed on concepts like effective hygiene, health improvement and related topics. is also the creator of an initiative called WaterCredit. WaterCredit works to connect people, companies and businesses in developing nations with small loans. The loans are then used to implement wells, proper toilets and other clean water solutions, as needed.

Columbia Water Center (CWC)

The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

Columbia Water Center is actually a part of the larger Earth Institute. As an organization, it’s dedicated to first researching viable technologies that could help with the worldwide water crisis.

They then actively go about designing these solutions so they can be distributed to communities in need around the world. Nations that benefit from assistance include India, Ethiopia, Brazil and even certain parts of the United States.

Scientists that work in tandem with CWC specialize in a variety of different fields. Examples include agriculture, engineering, hydrology, finance and public policy.

A heavy focus is also placed on tailoring established solutions so that they’re appropriate for uniquely different communities. Past and present projects include but are not limited to the Columbia Global Flood Initiative and Delaware River Basin Conservation.

Three Avocados

The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

While some organizations choose to approach water conservation from a broader angle, others elect to focus on one avenue for raising funds and awareness. Three Avocados, for instance, is a smaller social enterprise that raises needed funds for clean water relief in Africa by selling its own special brand of coffee.

Three Avocados is a non-profit in every sense of the word, as 100% of their profits go directly to the cause. Efforts include the building and implementation of water projects in Uganda.

The coffee sold is actually sourced from Uganda’s own Mt. Elgon via various local coffee co-ops. All coffee sourced is not only organically grown, but in line with all fair trade standards. Additional fundraising efforts also benefit Nicaragua.


The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

Small villages in Ethiopia or Indonesia aren’t the only communities in desperate need of assistance when it comes to water conservation and efficiency. Urban environments all over the world need a lot of help, as well, and Miya is working hard to meet that need. Recipients of relief efforts include nations and regions like the Bahamas, Brazil, the Philippines and even Canada.

Miya focuses primarily on what’s known as (NRW), water that is actually lost by existing distribution systems before it has a chance to reach the consumer. High amounts of NRW are the result of municipal infrastructures that are out of date, badly maintained or out of step with the needs of the communities they serve.

Miya efforts help reclaim this lost water via numerous avenues. Examples include community awareness programs, active waste reduction strategies and additional campaigns to help lower costs associated with water system maintenance.

The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity

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Of course, these are just a few of the many organizations out there helping to make the world a better place by addressing ongoing water issues. However, they’re a great place to start if you’re looking for worthy water-related causes to support.

Get involved today!


Are you concerned about the ongoing global water issues?

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The Best Nonprofits Helping Water Conservation and Water Scarcity


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