The Best Pizza Cities in the World

However you slice it, wherever you roam, you can’t escape that ubiquitous pie.

Pizza is big business, and with so many options it can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve scouted out the cities with the best pizza in every continent

all over the world:

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: North America

City: Phoenix, AZ

The United States has a notorious rivalry with pizza, with some saying that the

New York style’s chewy thin crust is the best (especially Lombardi’s), while others

prefer the flakier deep-dish style found in Chicago (at Giordano’s Pizza).

So it’s rather to shocking to learn that the pizza that can be regularly found on top lists

of the best pie in America is found in Phoenix, AZ at Pizzeria Bianco, a short drive from

many Phoenix hotels.

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: South America

City: Buenos Aires, AR

Unlike other pizza found around the world, which attempts to mimic its Neapolitan heritage,

the pizza of Argentina has a thick and chewy crust and is layered with plenty of cheese.

One name that constantly pops up for pizza lovers?

Guerrín, a wood-fired pizzeria that has been crowded since opening in 1932 and is a must stop

for anyone visiting hotels in Buenos Aires.

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: Europe

City: Naples, IT

When in Naples, stop in at Da Michele, which has been said to not only have the best pizza in the

city, but also the country and the world — pretty impressive for a spot offering only two different

pizzas and a limited beverage selection.

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: Asia

City: Hong Kong

You may recall from trivia night that China is credited with inventing its own pizza-style food.

But while plenty of Asian cuisine resembles pizza, Hong Kong’s Paisano’s is a New York-style

pizzeria from a New York transplant family.

It tends to be a favorite and is conveniently located near cheap hotels in Hong Kong.

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: Australia

City: Melbourne

Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria 90 Secondi has taken the prize in the highly competitive Pizza World

Championship in Parma, Italy, so you can bet that the crust is near perfection and the toppings

just right.

Not to mention that the restaurant has plenty of competition within its own city of Melbourne,

including Scoozi, one of a few Australian restaurants to boast an official seal of approval from the

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

The Best Pizza Cities in the World

Continent: Africa

City: Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi offers several restaurants that serve pizza, but a favorite for both locals and visitors is

360 Degrees, which has wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas topped with everything from barbecue

chicken to lamb sausage and more traditional options as well.

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