About how many plastic water bottles do you think various countries use every year?

One million?

Ten million?

You wouldn’t even be close.



Our insatiable desire for plastic is killing the planet

The Global Impact of Plastic Water Bottle Usage and How to Reduce It

Turns out, around the globe we have an insatiable desire for plastic and it’s killing the planet. In the United States alone, residents use about 50 billion water bottles — every single year. In the U.K., that statistic numbers almost 8 billion, and in Australia, over one-fourth of the population drinks out of a plastic bottle every week.

There’s a way for us to immediately change this statistic, however, and do it without any intervention: we can simply switch to a reusable water bottle. A well-made one doesn’t have to be that expensive, and relying on this instead of use-and-ditch water bottles helps cut that total by about 156 plastic bottles every year. It’s a big dent that each of us can focus on.



Here are a few of our favorite reusable bottles:


What else can we all do to reduce plastic water bottle use? The infographic below from Waterlogic shares vital information about global plastic bottle usage.

It covers the impact of single use plastics on the environment, animals, and people, plastic water bottle usage across the globe, and what we are doing—and can do—to reduce plastic water bottle waste.

For instance, innovations in eco-friendly disposables—such as edible water bottles made from brown algae and calcium chloride—are often biodegradable.

The indisputable truth is: plastic water bottles wreak havoc on ecosystems around the globe, however we can choose not to use plastic water bottles and choose reusable options instead. In the process, we can all play a part in saving our planet.

Read the infographic below to learn why we must stop our use of plastic water bottles now!

The Global Impact of Plastic Water Bottle Usage and How to Reduce It

Infographic source: Waterglogic


What are you doing to reduce plastic water bottle pollution?

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