I take pleasure in rituals.

For example, each night before I turn out the lights and say good night, I check to
make sure the tiny blue glass bottle of Mother Nature’s “sleeping elixir” is there on
my night stand within easy reach.

Pure, unadulterated, lavender essential oil.

And every night before I go sleep, I pour one precious drop of lavender oil on my
pillowcase, and inhale it’s sweet, rich, woody, floral aroma–deeply–into my nostrils,
filling my brain, slowly stilling my mind.

This simple act has become my nightly ritual.


Because this magic elixir has changed my life.

The Healing Power of Lavender Essential Oil: 12 DIY Natural Health & Beauty Recipes

Lavender’s soothing scent has helped me to finally have “sweet dreams”.

After many years of lying awake and tossing and turning for hours,lavender’s soothing
scent has helped me to finally have “sweet dreams”–aka a good night’s sleep.

Check most herbal and medicinal books and you’ll find that lavender has been used as
a popular folk remedy for centuries.

The non toxic, non irritating essential oil is extracted through steam distillation
from flowering tops of the lavender plant.

Sure, lavender essential oil is often recommended to treat insomnia as its scent
can help induce sleep, but it has also been employed for many other uses.

As aromatherapy, lavender provides a variety of health benefits:

*Lavender has both soothing and reviving properties.

*It blends well with other floral and citrus essential oils.

*It’s pleasant and calming scent makes it helpful in treating nerves and headaches, 
anxiety, depression, and emotional stress.

*It also increases mental stamina and calms exhaustion.

*It has long been used as folk remedy to used to calm an upset stomach.

*Massage with lavender oil can remedy all types of soreness and pain even when it is
deep in the joints.

*The vapor form of lavender oil is used to treat all sorts of respiratory problems 

including colds, flu, chest congestions, whooping cough, sinus congestion and asthma.

*Lavender has been used to stimulate better blood circulation.

*It also stimulates the production for gastric fluids to treat stomach ailments.

*It has even been used effectively for natural hair care.

Ready to add a little magic to your life?

Try these 12 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil:

The Healing Power of Lavender Essential Oil: 12 DIY Natural Health & Beauty Recipes



Infographic source: Visually


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