It’s not a newsflash, and we certainly don’t need to remind you of the monumental change to your life that is about to happen when your little one arrives.

While you may have already gotten to work on the nursery and even your bedroom, one room that tends to get left to the side is the kitchen.

However, as it turns out, this room is going to be key in those first few years of your little one’s life. It’s the place where their food is prepared and over time, the place where they eat.

As such, today’s article is going to take a look at some of the best ways you can prepare your kitchen, to make that leap into parenthood a lot easier.



The Number One Rule: Get Your Washing Machine in Order

The New Parent Kitchen: How to Prepare Yours

First and foremost, if you are going to ignore all of the advice that we specify today, one thing that you simply must consider is your washing machine.

Is your ? Is it not draining properly? Now is the time to get it sorted.

If you haven’t heard the news, this is the time where your washing loads suddenly burst the seams. Sure, you may have gotten away with a handful of washes per week when it was the two of you. Now a little one has entered the scene; this number is set to explode.

If your washing machine isn’t equipped for this, it’s simply going to add to the stress and tiredness levels that new parents inevitably face.


Declutter the Surfaces

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This next point is a little more interesting, as it’s something that doesn’t involve drastic changes but can still make the world of difference.

As we all know, clutter is something that we are all trying to reduce nowadays. The problem is, when you have a baby, it’s this clutter which can wreak even more havoc with your life.

Suddenly, your kitchen countertops are full of sterilizers, bottles and all sorts of food preparation appliances that your little one relies on. Ultimately, there’s no room for clutter.


Rearrange the Cupboards

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Granted, this next point is probably going to be more valid after a few months, when crawling is on the agenda. However, so that you’re not met with a barrage of changes to your kitchen later down the line, this next point is worth considering.

Ultimately, there will become a time where your cupboards need rearranging, so those toxic cleaning chemicals and other dangerous goods are not within touching distance of little hands. To make life easier for you, try and do this from the outset.


Consider a Play Area

The New Parent Kitchen: How to Prepare Yours

No, it doesn’t have to be anything substantial, but if you do have the space it can be worth creating a small area for your little ones to play in your kitchen.

As we all know, the kitchen is the new hub of the house. It is where we spend the most time and as such, if you can devise an area where your little one can play while you get on with chores, it will do wonders for your productivity.


What are your favorite tips for a new parent kitchen?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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