Many, many years ago, we used natural products for our hair care and our hair products because there were no synthetic alternatives. As time passed and we evolved, along came the synthetic product to make washing and caring for our hair easier and accessible to everyone. But now we are seeing a rise in people returning to natural hair care because the synthetics are destroying our follicles!


“Many years ago, we used natural

products for our hair care and our

hair products because there were

no synthetic alternatives.”


Here are some top products to consider and incorporate into your hair care routine and stop the damage:

Extend with Natural Hair

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

Natural hair extensions are becoming widely accepted by many when they choose to add a bit of boost to their current hair style. Now, companies like , are making natural hair extensions a top priority. But with so many synthetic options available, and often at a cheaper price, why should we opt for natural?

  • Longer lasting and more durable
  • Offers a more natural look
  • It is easier to color
  • It is easier to style

Although synthetics are catching up in terms of styling and coloring, natural hair is still a better choice overall.

Shampoo the Natural Way

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

There are lots of shampoos on the market that will entice you into thinking they are all natural. Read your labels before making any purchases! The usual rule of thumb is “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it”. Natural products are easy to read and you can almost always understand what it is you are buying. Look for those items that don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Anything containing alcohol will quickly strip you of what you need for healthy hair. You also want to look for natural oils like Argan, jojoba, and avocado.

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

Herbs are a popular ingredient for natural shampoos with rosemary and aloe being extremely popular. Natural shampoos can be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts but there are plenty of recipes out there that you can easily create on your own and save some money.

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

If you are really game, try going without shampoo. It’s a trend that has been steadily rising and seems to be helpful for many. One way to clean your hair without the shampoo and its sulfates is to use cleansing conditioners.  Others have moved on to using apple cider vinegar and baking soda for a once a week cleanse. Many have touted that their hair is stronger and softer after switching to the no shampoo trend.

Natural Styling with Gel

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

If you have dry and frizzy hair, even with using natural products, you will probably still want to use some gel to tame. Fortunately, there are natural gels that you can use for styling in a safe way. You will want to opt for those same organic ingredients as your natural shampoo. However, if you are finding them to be too pricey, you can find plenty of for creating your own gel.

The Rise of Natural Hair Care

Many people opt to go natural for economic reasons. While it may appear pricier to purchase all natural products, in the long run they save money because their hair is less damaged than when using synthetic products. Often when we damage our hair with synthetics, we end up using synthetics to “save” our hair.


“Some choose to go natural for hair

health or ethical reasons and others

simply love how their hair feels

after going all natural.”


The Rise of Natural Hair Care

Some choose to go natural for ethical reasons; they simply wish to lower their impact on the environment. And yet others simply love how their hair feels after going all natural. Whatever the reason, natural options are on the rise and will become more affordable over time.


What are your favorite natural hair care tips?

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