The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo
With the expanding number of news features about sexual assaults and debasement, the untrue thought that lady explorers can’t travel alone in India without their male partners is on an ascent. While it is critical that you are ready and take safety precautions wherever you are on the planet, there are many places in India where ladies can go without the fear of exasperating occurrences. So, here are is our list of:

“All The

Amazing Places

Where You Can

Travel Safely”


The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo

The Promenade in the main town Puducherry is one of the most popular tourist
attractions of the Union Territory. Photo source:

Pondicherry, otherwise known as Puducherry, is a standout amongst the most famous vacation destinations in South India. This spot has a fascinating history to tell and its French frontier past is noticeable in its construction. One can get around by contracting a bike or a motorbike. You can likewise take a transport or an offer auto on the off chance that you need a budget-friendly excursion. While in Pondicherry, make sure you make the most of the indulgences here. It’s a pleasure for people who love seafood.


The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo

The Lotus Mahal at the Zenana Enclosure in Hampi is a must-see. Photo source:

On the off chance that you are an “explorer” sort of traveller, then Hampi is the right place for you, as it offers shabby settlement and food alternatives! Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar, a fourteenth century realm, and the remnants here are an indication of its great past. The remnants of Hampi are an UNESCO World Heritage site. The best way to travel there is by bicycle or auto. There are also bus services available which you can prebook with Redbus Coupons.


The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo

You can sit, eat and drink to your heart’s content around the prominent
shorelines in Goa. Photo source:

Goa, is an extremely safe spot for ladies, if you travel mindfully. If you want to stay safe, it is prudent to lease a spot closer to Baga or Calangute, as these spots are filled with sightseers, tourists and families. However, there are some stunning shorelines that are a bit isolated, so, one ought to start off ahead of schedule and be back before it gets too late in the evening, or else stay at a lodging around these shorelines–because the street that joins these shorelines to the main parts of Goa are usually very empty. You can sit, eat and drink to your heart’s content around the prominent shorelines or at the shacks there–as these regions are more secure.


The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo

You won’t want to miss the decorated Indian elephants at one of the local fairs. Photo source:

You think you know a better place? Nothing can match up to Rajasthan’s neighbourliness. The whole of the city are rural areas and, you’d be astonished by how obliging and amicable local people are. Jaisalmer, better known as The Golden City, a World Heritage Site, is a lovely place for solo lady explorers–where they are absolutely safe.

All The Amazing Places Where You Can Travel Safely

You won’t want to miss seeing the Hawa Mahal “Palace of Winds”. Photo source:

Every one of the abovementioned tourist spots in this article have been attempted and tried by a bagpacker, however, there are a lot of factors that we should take into consideration. Be pleasant and keep away from isolated places. Feel free to travel to these places and make your own amazing solo travel memories. For a better experience utilize these Goibibo Coupons so that it’s easier for you financially.

The Safest Places In India To Travel Solo

Up-down” dolls are found in the roadside shops of Jaisalmer. Photo source:


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