On your very first date or the hundredth, you probably have some nerves when date night comes around. Assuming you’re interested in this person, it’s no doubt that you’ll want to impress them. Getting readyof course, is a particularly anxiety-inducing part of the date night process. But, by implementing a few tips and tools into your pre-date routine, you’ll be ready for dinner and a movie in no time—and without feeling frazzled because you changed six times before leaving. Your date will be blown away when you arrive not just on-time, but looking and feeling your best.



Know what clothes you feel good in.


Want to feel sexy but dress more conservatively? Consider picking up some  to wear underneath a more toned down outfit. No one will have to know if you don’t want them to. What matters most is that you’re comfortable and confident in whatever clothes you choose—if you’ve figured out what outfits fit the bill before date night ever arrives, you’ll be ready to show off your style sense and have your partner speechless beyond, “Wow!”


Perfect your playlist.


You already know that music can impact your emotions, so it should come as no surprise that it can help your date night preparations. Find a premade playlist or create one from scratch to set the mood on demand. If you want to feel empowered, look for songs that reflect that. If you just need to calm down, try more relaxing sounds or songs for a soothing boost to your date night routine.


Splurge on items to simplify the process.


You don’t need to buy a designer handbag every time you go on a date or invest in a new eyeshadow palette for a night out. But, a few special tools can make your process of getting ready simpler. For the most impact, consider the places in your routine where you typically struggle the most. Do you find yourself redoing your lashes half a dozen times?  will let you finish them beautifully in a matter of seconds— and without the messy glue. Too many steps in your skin care plan? Find a good tinted moisturizer (complete with SPF) to save time and effort.


Take advantage of tiny touches.


You don’t need to go all-out to make a big difference when it comes to how you look and feel come date night. A spritz of perfume, that shirt that makes your eyes pop—even the smallest touches can make you look more fashionable and feel better about your date night look. Add that special scent or your lucky necklace for a boost of confidence. Wear that fancy lingerie or your go-to shapewear, if you prefer. Light a candle or drink a cup of tea while you’re getting ready. Put on that red lipstick. Do whatever small task (or combination of tasks) will help you look and feel your best.


Save time where you can


Just as certain products can simplify your date night routine, others can help to speed it up by removing extra steps. Having some go-to outfits and accessories that make you feel good will save you the trouble of finding something to wear. If you like to be freshly shaved for dates but hate the process of shaving, laser hair removal will save you from the struggle. Those who haven’t tried it before might be wondering: is removing hair with a laser safe? Have no fear: any potential side effects are rare and uncommon. People love laser hair removal because it allows them to forget about shaving altogether.

Getting ready for your next date night doesn’t need to be a struggle. With a few tools and tricks, you’ll feel good and look even better—and dazzle your date in the process.


What are your favorite tips for getting ready for date night?

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