The Top Benefits of Standing

According to a recent article published by Science Daily, the average adult working in a corporate setting sits at their desk approximately five hours and forty-one minutes everyday day. Add that to the length of time you sit while driving, eating, watching TV and surfing the web and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for standing.

And while sitting has its benefits, prolonged bouts of inactivity has been linked to a host of mental and physical disorders including depression, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, obesity, acidity and even premature death. However, you can counteract the negative effects of sitting by making a continual effort to stand more throughout the day. Below are the top benefits of standing.

The Top Benefits of Standing

The Top Benefits of Standing

Standing and moving throughout the day can drastically reduce your risk of developing disorders associated with inactivity. Standing also helps to stimulate the digestive system, tightens the muscles, strengthens the bones and improve flexibility as well as facilitate detox.

Improves posture

Most people have developed the negative habit of slouching while we sit, however, while standing and walking we are forced to move with a straightened back. Good posture improves the integrity of the bones as well as enhances self-confidence.

Enhances mental state

The Top Benefits of Standing

Constantly standing and moving can help release endorphins responsible for happiness, cheer, and an overall good mood.

Increases energy

Standing and moving encourages better circulation as well as nutrition and oxygen delivery, this translates to a stimulated metabolism and increased energy.

Improves productivity

Sitting all day brings forth a gradual fatigue and brain fog that decreases productivity in the workplace. However, making an effort to stand while you work can recharge the brain and reduce brain fog, which improves productivity.

4 Ways to Incorporate Standing and Movement Throughout the Day:

The Top Benefits of Standing

Incorporate a sit stand desk

The idea behind sit stand desks is to provide a sleek and comfortable workstation that allows you to perform your tasks while also encouraging you to stand for at least ten minutes every hour. A short ten-minute commitment is all it takes to reap the physical and emotional benefits of standing and moving.

Take mini dance breaks

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to move your body, you can take two minute dance breaks throughout the day to groove to music on your iPod, on the radio or just make up a jingle in your head and shake your body accordingly.

Walk more

Take every opportunity you have to walk more – instead of swiveling around on your chair, get up and walk to your destination. Park your vehicle further away so you will have to walk a greater distance. Or, if your office is close enough, put on a pair of gym shoes and walk to work and back home a few times a week.

Take stretch breaks

The Top Benefits of Standing

Make it a habit to stand up and stretch often – stretch out your fingers and your toes as well as your legs, arms, and your back. The simple movements will help enhance circulation, detox and flexibility.

The idea is not to ever sit again and to spend the rest of your days in an upright position. Instead, the idea is to purposely look for opportunities to move and stand instead of defaulting to sitting, your body and your mind will thank you for it.

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How do you incorporate more standing and movement into your day?

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