Most people know about the benefits of consuming diet supplements to aid in weight loss. If you are taking supplements but you are not achieving any significant weight loss, then it’s time to evaluate. Yes, supplements can help you lose weight, but they will only work if you make a full adjustment to your lifestyle.  Do you need information on how supplements can help you lose weight? Then read about them here .

Here are seven ways to use supplements to maximize your weight loss initiative.


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1. Find and maintain a workout plan

Nutrition is key even when you are working out. Taking supplements cannot guarantee the results you need. You need to combine training with nutrition to help you burn those calories. Find a good workout plan and maintain it.

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet. Diet supplements are thermogenic, which means that they help you burn calories.  While you may be tempted to eat pizza, ice cream or French fries with the hope that supplements will solve the problem, that’s far from the truth.

If you want to succeed in your weight loss project, you have to get rid of the temptations. Fat burning supplements can help you control feelings of unreal hunger or cravings, but unless you remove yourself from these tempters, you will never win.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

2. Eat Plenty of Protein

Eating plenty protein will help you lose weight while helping to maintain your lean muscle mass.  Most of the available dietary supplements will cause your appetite to diminish. However, if this results in insufficient protein intake, then you will lose muscle mass.

Although it is okay to reduce your intake of carbs and fats, your protein intake is very crucial. Ample protein intake will definitely affect your results. If you need a sculptured body, you have to maintain a high protein intake.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

3. Timing the Correct Dose

Dietary supplements provide you with energy while suppressing your appetite; it means therefore that you have to decide on the specific times you will take them during the day so you can maximize on the benefits.

  • Take your diet supplement the first thing after you wake in the mornings or 30 minutes before training.
  • Take the supplement during the time of day when you are extremely hungry. Taking it 30 minutes before a meal is ideal.
  • Take a dose when you have no meals planned in the next few hours. As it wears off and your hungry mode sets in, you will hold out because you know your next mealtime is near.

Never go beyond the recommended dosage. If the instruction on the product says take one dose every day, then choose the specific time of the day that it will be most beneficial to you.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

4.Drink Plenty of water

Dietary supplements raise your metabolism and cause you to sweat more. In addition, stimulants such as caffeine have a tendency to create a diuretic effect, which makes you visit the bathroom more frequently. All of these can result in dehydration and a decrease in metabolism.

To increase metabolism and maintain weight loss, you need to drink at least 3-4 quarts of cold water every day. The recommended water intake with every dose of diet supplement is 1 cup of water. This will guarantee optimum absorption and hydration. Just in case your training environment is hot and you are sweating a lot, just double the amount of water you drink.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

5. Sequence Your Supplement

Over time, your body will become numb to some ingredients and this is what happens with dietary supplements. When this happens, some persons usually increase their intake to ensure they are maintaining their weight loss goals. This however, will cause a boomerang effect.

Overusing caffeine and other related ingredients can result in high cortisol (unwelcomed hormone that causes muscles to deteriorate and result in fat storage). In addition, your body in response can decrease your natural metabolic process to pay off. In this instance, the result is that you are burning less calories, which is the opposite of your weight loss routine.

How can you prevent these counter-productive side effects?  You can sequence your diet supplement. Recommendation is that you take it at two weeks intervals.

Remember were not intended to be a consistent part of your diet. They are there just to help you reach your weight loss goal. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, lifestyle is the only effective way to sustain your achieved weight-loss.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

6. Don’t ignore sleep

Recovery, repair and hormonal balance are sustained by sleep. Eight hours of sleep every night must be your goal.  However, you may need more hours if you are experiencing stress or if you have a heavy training schedule.

If your dietary supplements are preventing you from sleeping, do not take anything with stimulant after taking your lunchtime dosage. In addition, you can change for a while to products that are entirely stimulant free. You should also minimize other caffeine-based products by 6pm, such as soda, coffee or pre-workout supplements.

The Truth about Fat Loss and Diet Supplements 

7. Choose the Correct Formula

Diet supplement products fall into two categories stimulant and stimulant-free. The stimulant diet supplements contain caffeine, yohimbe, synephrine or other equivalent ingredients. Many others contain ingredients that subdue appetite and non-stimulant thermogenic.

Stimulant free diet supplements contain only appetite suppressants and non-stimulant thermogenics (heat producing).  These however produce a more subtle effect and are best suited if you are intolerant to caffeine or suffering from high-anxiety.

If you choose stimulant-free, look out for green tea extract. It contains traces of caffeine even though it is usually included in stimulant free recipes. Most people will not have a reaction to green tea, however if you are highly sensitive to caffeine, you may feel the effects. It is best to try tiny amounts first to see how your body reacts to the green tea.

No two supplements have the same combination of ingredients. Similarly, no two metabolisms are alike. Everybody stores fat and burns it in a different way.

Notwithstanding, if your friend got huge results from a particular product it does not necessarily mean you will. Continue to try different preparations until you find one that works best for your body.


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