Deciding to open your home to a new furry friend is huge! The best thing you can do for your new friend is to be as prepared as possible; deciding to get a pet should not be a spontaneous decision. Make sure you tick everything on this list before entering into this long, long life journey with your new best friend.



Shelter Vs. Pet Store

One of the most controversial topics that creep up whenever someone expresses interest in getting a new pet is whether you should go to a shelter or buy from a pet store. When weighing your options, the most important tidbit to keep in mind is that many pet stores buy their animals from commercial breeders, more commonly known as puppy mills, where animals are crammed into small cages, overbred, underfed and denied medical treatment. With practices like these, profit outweighs proper care.

The Ultimate Checklist for New Adopters


Before visiting an animal shelter and finding your new kitten, pup, or creepy-crawly, make sure your current lifestyle is pet-friendly, or that you can easily adapt to their needs and wants. One of the easiest ways to pet-proof your home is to think of your new pup like a baby and follow the same general home proofing guidelines.

Everything from houseplants to remote controls can prove to be harmful to your new pet. Now that you have opened your home to an animal, you have to be much more mindful than you’re probably used to — for instance, leaving a plastic grocery bag out on the counter can be fatal, growing bulbs or having a , like a peace lily or aloe vera plant, can cause your furry friend to become very ill, and sometimes even result in death if ingested.

Like any new parent, you will probably want to keep an eye on your fur baby while you’re away. With the use of, like surveillance and sensors that will allow you to keep an eye on your pup while ensuring they aren’t getting into too much trouble.

The Ultimate Checklist for New Adopters


The general rule of thumb when adopting an animal is, if you can’t afford the adoption fees, you should not be adopting an animal. Although a majority of their days are spent sleeping, eating, and getting snuggled, these little furballs can rack up quite a bill.

Not only do you have to account for adoption fees and buying the essentials for when they first come home, but you are now responsible for this animal’s well being. As a responsible pet owner, you have to plan visits to the vet, purchase healthy food and treats, flea medication, as well as any medications unique to your animal’s health needs, and of course, entertainment.

The Ultimate Checklist for New Adopters


Another aspect of responsible pet ownership you need to keep in mind is making sure your pet is , which can benefit their overall health. Often, if the animal is brought to the shelter before the procedure is done, the shelter will take care of spaying or neutering them. However, if the animal has been fixed before being surrendered, they will inform you by saying that since they did not perform the procedure, they cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the procedure and recommend you to schedule a vet visit.

The Ultimate Checklist for New Adopters

The Bare Necessities

What are you supposed to buy for your new pet before bringing them home? Most importantly, you want your pet to be comfortable in their new environment, which will probably take time, but bringing them into an environment where they already have belongings will help them transition easier. Everything from a  that will allow them to safely explore while out on a walk, to a comfy bed they can retreat to when they need some time alone, will help your new best friend

Have fun and take some time to get to know your little buddy!


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