The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

There has been so much buzz around organic and green beauty products, that all of us have at least one friend who has embraced this lifestyle to the fullest. She eats whole foods. She buys raw honey and cocoa powder. She reads the labels on the backs of products to see whether they are certified as organic. She has switched all incandescent light bulbs for LED.

And as such, she’s awfully complicated to shop for. You can’t just go to your neighborhood beauty shop and buy her just any lipstick. Is that a reason to give up on buying her something? Of course not.

Read this new, improved list that will green up your gift shopping, and knock her organic cotton socks off.

Mini Facial Oil Set by Herbivore Botanicals

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

Every girl wants to have well-hydrated skin, but sometimes it is really hard to find a quality moisturizing lotion or cream that are, at the same time, organic and packed with effective ingredients. In fact, most lotions and creams on the market are very high in water and emulsifying agents, so there is not much room left for active content.

In contrast to that, you have products like this set, which will give your green-loving-girl a chance to layer her facial oils for custom blends. The set is ideal for all skin types and handles the skin’s different needs in different seasons very well.

The set contains:

*Anti-inflammatory Lapis oil for blemish prone skin

*Skin-regenerating Phoenix oil, featuring Rosehip and CoQ10 and

*Glow enhancing Orchid oil

Tata Harper Natural Glow from Head to Toe

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

A beauty queen needs to be indulged, and we’re sure that, no matter how great the DIY masks she makes from Farmer’s Market ingredients are, they don’t even come close to a great spa treatment.

Lucky for her, the famous beauty mage Tata Harper has wrapped up a full-blown organic spa treatment in a box and called it . The contents of this kit will enable her to rejuvenate, restore and revitalize her skin, after just one use.

The set contains:

*Smoothing body scrub

*Exfoliation and moisture

*Rejuvenating hand cream

*Stretch mark treatment

*Redefining body balm

*Fortifying body lotion

*Revitalizing body oil

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

Girls and their hair – who could explain that odd relationship? A bad hair day is actually just a bad day, because how can it be good if the hair is frizzy and damaged? Save your friend from ever having a bad day, by attacking the very root of the problem.

Hairfinity vitamin supplements can improve the growth of healthy hair from the inside out, and there can be nothing wrong about getting an extra dose of vitamins.

These are formulated in a way that provides the hair with amino acids, horstetail and silica. Other key ingredients:

*Vitamin B12 that promotes the transport of oxygen to the scalp

*Vitamins A and D in charge of protecting the hair and scalp

*Niacin that promotes blood circulation in the scalp

*Biotin (she’ll love this the most) that promotes the growth of existing hair

Kjaer Weis The Glow Kit

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

Every girl loves getting a new makeup product, the only difference between every girl and green queen is that the latter prefer receiving a 100% organic product. This non-toxic makeup kit made by is, without any exaggeration, a beautiful addition to every vanity case.

It makes the complexion youthful and fresh. The two products in the kit can be worn together or alone and used to illuminate, contour or give the skin a sun-kissed look.

The set contains:

*Radiance highlighter that can be used to highlight the cheek bones, brow line or nose, while providing a subtle pearl glow.

*Dazzling bronzer which is actually a contour cream and bronzer in one, perfectly fulfilling both of its tasks.

Nūdus Organic Lipstick in Any Shade

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

It can be really hard to find an organic and natural lipstick, which, at the same time, has a variety of shades and great texture. Your beauty queen certainly knows the struggle. Solve all of her problems by gifting her one or more shades of , and she’ll adore you.

They come in a range of handcrafted, certified organic, full-coverage lipsticks with super-hydrating formulas and a fantastic color selection. Based on natural ingredients, such as beeswax, kiwi seed oil, argan oil and shea butter, these beauties will satisfy even the strictest organic aficionado.

Colors available:

Halo – light muted rose

Dirty Diana – Bordeaux red

Revenge – classic red

Just like Jade – berry

Survivor – fuchsia pink

27 kisses – mid-tone mauve

Fairy Tales – light warm peach

Naked – light neutral brown

Bitter Sweet – bright orange-red

Precious – bright coral pink

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Green Beauty Queens

So, are you ready to do some green shopping?

Who knows, maybe even you get infected with this organic bug, when you see just how amazing

these products are!


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