Thinking About A Plant-Based Diet: Tips and Insights from Vegetarian Bloggers - Infographic

Curious about the plant-based lifestyle? Wondering what vegetarians actually eat?

Did you know that nearly half the U.S. population eats at least one vegetarian meal per week,

but only four percent maintains a vegetarian or vegan diet all the time?

Numerous studies confirm the significant health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets and

the findings indicate that people who avoid meat have a lower risk of:



*type-2 diabetes

*heart disease

*multiple cancers

Have you considered transitioning to a plant-based diet?

Do you ever wonder what other vegetarians and vegans actually eat?

Are you curious about successfully navigating a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?

I follow a plant-based diet, so I am often asked those types of questions.

Believe me, my own meals are flavorful, varied, delightful, nutritious plus easy to plan and prepare.

You can check out some of my nourishing  plant-based recipes here on

The team at Health Perch was curious too, so they reached out to their favorite vegetarian bloggers

–from Veggie Num Num, My New Roots,  The Messy Vegetarian Cook and Veggie Madness to

Vegetarian Mamma, Amuse Your Bouche and Lisa’s Kitchen.

They probed to discover how they create new and innovative dishes, what inspired them to

choose a mostly plant-based lifestyle as well as their favorite fall vegetarian recipes.

Then they turned those healthy and delicious insights into the awesome infographic below

for us to gain inspiration from.


Living the Veg Life: Insight From Our Favorite Vegetarian Bloggers
“Living the Veg Life” on Health Perch

What is your current diet like?

Are you thinking about transitioning to a plant-based diet?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Share your experiences and comments with us.