As the environmental issues facing our planet become ever more pressing, sustainable initiatives including green heating will play a key role in safeguarding our future. In cities such as Monaco, green schemes have long been a priority. But perhaps what sets Monaco apart as a beacon of sustainability is the enthusiasm of its royal family, and Prince Albert II in particular, for environmental conservation as a whole. The Prince’s passion for the environment is infectious, and has already led many monegasque people to undertake projects of their own.

Outlined below are the top three ecological practices that Monaco is currently engaged in. Take a look – and if you are interested in living in a place that is not only the epitome of luxury and beauty, but also green, you can view available



Green heating at the palace

Three Ecological Initiatives That Are Turning Monaco Green

The Prince’s palace in Monaco was previously heated through the use of unsustainable fossil fuels. But this year, the fossil fuels have been replaced with 100% sustainable vegetable biofuel. 

Whilst this biofuel is much kinder to the environment (it produces between 60-70 percent less greenhouse gas than traditional fuels), it is also more expensive. This shows that Prince Albert II remains committed to improving ecological practices, even if it comes at a price. And this attitude is becoming more widespread, with several other significant buildings in Monaco looking to make the switch to green heating


Monte Carlo Bay soaks up the sun

Three Ecological Initiatives That Are Turning Monaco Green

Monte Carlo Bay is a stunning luxury hotel resort, which sits on a peninsula at the centre of Monaco. Last year, the resort partnered with SMEG to transition to the use of solar energy as part of its broader sustainability programme. The primary focus of the project was the installation of solar panels on the hotel roof. But a significant challenge was striking a balance between maintaining the hotel’s characteristic external appearance, whilst also becoming greener.

This year, it is safe to say that the project has been a success, with Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Councilor of Government-Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urbanism, inaugurating the solar park on Tuesday, 9th April. At 1000 square metres, it is the largest park of its kind in Monaco. 


Green transport

Three Ecological Initiatives That Are Turning Monaco Green

In Monaco, it’s not just the buildings that are becoming greener. A fleet of 100 percent electric green taxis has been launched by the government for a trial period this summer. Covering the city of Monaco, these green cars will be available to the public 24/7, and can be either pre-booked or hailed from the street. With fares starting at 15 euros, these cars represent not only a green, but also affordable, mode of transport within the city. 

Alongside the green taxis, Prince Albert has also launched MonaBike this summer. The electric bike-sharing scheme aims to encourage cyclists in the city, with five new bike stations being installed across the city by September. The project is a collaboration between the Prince’s government and CAM, and will see the number of bikes available treble, from 100 to 300. So with these options in place, monegasque people will have plenty of options to travel in an environmentally conscious way. 


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