Tia Mowry shows that veganism grows on you.

Tia Mowry proves that veganism grows on you. Image Source: PETA.org

You may remember her from the hit family sitcom “Sister, Sister”, but now that
Tia Mowry has family of her own, she has made the healthy and compassionate
choice to follow a vegan lifestyle.
Wearing nothing but a gorgeous apron made of live veggies–actress, mom, and
reality TV star Tia Mowry promotes the value of a vegan diet and lifestyle in
a first-of-its-kind ad campaign for PETA.
Like so many of us, the value of healthy diet and lifestyle changes really hit close to home
for Tia. The fact that some of her family members suffered from diet-and lifestyle-related
ailments was a compelling reason for her to advocate the benefits of vegan eating to family,
friends and community.

Tia Walks the Talk

Tia Mowry shows that veganism grows on you
As a healthy, vibrant, vegan spokes model for PETA, Tia Mowry skillfully illustrates that vegan eating is:
*better for your health
*boosts your energy
*cleanses your mind and body
*lowers your risk of developing some of this country’s largest health problems, including
heart disease, cancer, strokes, obesity, asthma, and diabetes.

Dishing on the Vegan Lifestyle

Want the inside scoop on the campaign shoot?
Want to hear Tia dish about her vegan lifestyle?
View behind-the-scenes footage from Tia’s photo shoot.
Check out her sit-down interview with PETA where Tia reveals how becoming
vegan has changed her life!

Ready to Eat Like Tia?

I can’t promise that you’ll look like Tia, but if you want to learn more about becoming
vegan, PETA’s comprehensive web site and vegetarian/vegan starter kit will
answer most of your questions.

Tia Mowry shows that veganism grows on you

PETA’s vegetarian/vegan starter kit will answer many of your questions.

All Set to Take the Pledge?

Now that you know a lot more, why not “Pledge to go vegan for 30 days!

Tia Mowry shows that veganism grows on you

Take PETA’s 30-Day Vegan Pledge.

Have no fear. You will not be left to fend for yourself alone for 30 days.
PETA will provide all of the information you need to adopt a healthy and humane vegan diet.
Once you’ve signed the pledge to follow a vegan diet, PETA will send you an e-mail with their:
*favorite tips on the best places to eat out
*favorite vegan recipes
*animal-friendly vegan snacks
*tasty prepackaged vegan meals
Pair this with PETA’s online resources and Vegan Starter Kit, and you’ll enough ammunition
to make it through 30 days easily.
So why not make a commitment to yourself to experience the vegan lifestyle
for yourself.
You know the old adage, “try it, you might like it”.
Are you vegan or interested in transitioning to veganism? Share your tips, suggestions and comments with us.
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