Time For A Tech Makeover: How To Transform Your Home And Lifestyle

Our modern world is filled with an abundance of innovative gadgets these days, and it’s now

easier than ever to transform your home and lifestyle by embracing this technology.

Often offering easy, high-tech solutions to various everyday problems encountered in the home,

improving your lifestyle is just a short step away.

To discover some of the newest, most sought-after home gadgets and gizmos, keep reading!

Smart Faucet

Time For A Tech Makeover: How To Transform Your Home And Lifestyle

Not only capable of making washing your hands a ton more hygienic, the Smart Faucet will also

significantly reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

On average, every modern American wastes at least with many

emphasizing how much water is wasted in a daily task a simple as brushing teeth.

This makes the Smart Faucet an essential addition to homes of the environmentally-conscious.

Its innovative design will fit securely around your faucet with a lever to trigger water flow, meaning

you don’t even have to touch the faucet valves at any point.

Able to save up to 15,000 gallons per year, its environmentally-friendly technology tailors water flow

and is perfectly suitable for children as well as adults.

Reusable Dryer Balls

Time For A Tech Makeover: How To Transform Your Home And Lifestyle

For those running a busy home with endless amounts of washing to do, waiting for everyday clothing

items to dry can be a chore in itself.

Reusable Dryer Balls are a 100% natural way to decrease the drying time of your clothes by 25%; all you

have to do is place them in your tumble dryer along with your clothes, and let them work their magic.

They successfully separate tangled fabric as the dryer works, allowing warm air to freely flow throughout

the clothes which results in quicker, more efficient drying time.

Better still, as the name would suggest, Reusable Dryer Balls can be used numerous times and are made

of natural recycled plastic.

Z-Wave Wireless Window/Door Sensor

Time For A Tech Makeover: How To Transform Your Home And Lifestyle

Statistics show that an astonishing enter American homes through the front door:

a home’s primary entry point.

Many would assume that an entry point as obvious as a front door would be avoided during a burglary,

but statistics like this emphasize the sheer importance of installing a high-tech security system into

your home.

The Wireless Window/Door Sensor from Z-Wave will provide your home with unparalleled security

that will notify you if any suspicious activity is wirelessly detected.

Also giving you the opportunity to check all entry points to your home are locked, you’ll receive email

or text message updates if any strange activity is registered.

Giving you peace of mind that you will be safe and secure at all times, the Z-Wave Wireless Window/

Door Sensor will make a worthwhile addition to any home.

Time For A Tech Makeover: How To Transform Your Home And Lifestyle

With so many new technological additions to the home ware niche, it can be difficult to find

gadgets that are really worth your time and money.

All of the above have significant benefits to both your welfare and time management, and are

guaranteed to transform your lifestyle!


About the Author
Naomi Phillips is a mother who relies on technology to keep family life running smoothly, from the appointments to the lists, and yes, the occasional child minder, her phone is always at her side with wi-fi always enabled!


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