Tips to Eat Right When Eating Out

Did you know:

Around 58% of Americans regularly dine out at least once a week.

Some studies indicate that as a whole, people are eating out more than they

cook at home.

You can make good choices when you dine at a restaurant by remembering

some important facts.

Make your plate colorful!

Tips to Eat Right When Eating Out

About half your plate

should be fruits and



Start with a colorful salad that includes fresh fruits such as apples or pears, chopped up

peppers, carrots, and celery, and vibrant green lettuce.

Stick with a low-fat dressing, served on the side so that you control the amount you

put on the salad.

Sweet potatoes are a good substitution for regular potatoes because they contain less

calories and more vitamin C.

Choosing a plate with a variety of colors is healthy, because you get a bigger variety

of nutrients that you need.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables!
Tips to Eat Right When Eating Out

Fruits and vegetables are high in potassium, fiber, and calcium.

Even fruit juice counts as a serving, just make sure you’re getting 100% fruit juice, not

something with added sugars.

More restaurants are offering

a large selection of fruits and

vegetables to go with

your dinner.


Try new vegetables that you might not cook at home like artichokes or leeks for even

more variety.

Dine out healthy and love it!


Feel good about what

you eat no matter

where you go.


The following infographic provides even more information about how you can make

good choices when you eat out.

10 Ways to Eat Out Right

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How do you and your family eat right when dining out?

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