Going to the dentist regularly is one of the best things that you can do for your health. In the same manner that you are conscious about going to the doctor, you should also make an effort to comply with your required semi-annual dental visits. But one of the reasons that may be holding you back is the fear of dental treatments being too costly.

If you live around the Oregon area, the good news is that there are numerous affordable but competitive and qualified family dentists you can consult with. How do you find them? Here are some tips to help you out. These can also apply to anyone in any location, so if you’re not from Oregon, still read through!


“Going to the dentist regularly

is one of the best things that you

can do for your health.”


1. Ask Around From Local Universities

One of the best sources of affordable family dentists is in local universities. Most of these university complexes in Oregon have dental schools that produce quality graduates, particularly in Eugene. More often than not, there are also numerous fresh graduates and fresh licensure exam passers whose rates still aren’t as expensive as those of older dentists. That doesn’t mean, however, that the quality is lower because these fresh graduates have their dental course lessons and practical learning still fresh within their minds. Hence, this makes up for the lack of experience that they have.

Additionally, when you ask around from dental schools, you will come across student dentists who are in search of patients they can service for free for their practical exams and practical experience. If you’re lucky enough, you can sign your family up for this free family dental care with a .

Tips To Find A Local Oregon Family Dentist That's Affordable

2. Ask For Referrals From Friends And Family

If you have family, friends, or relatives who have already been going to a family dentist regularly, you can solicit opinions and recommendations from them. The more friends you ask, the better, as you have a means of making your options wide and varied. With this, you can also have a selection as to which dentist is the most affordable.

One of the advantages that you can also gain from asking referrals from friends and family is that they will often give you the most honest review and feedback about their level of satisfaction with the dentists they have tried out. You can use this to your advantage, as it allows you to avoid any dentist who might be affordable but doesn’t perform satisfactorily. This tip is also beneficial for those who are seeing numerous dentists for every member of your family. It’s about time for you to switch to a family dentist, as there are numerous benefits that you can gain from having one family dentist for all your needs.


3. Ask Around From Charities

A lot of the dentists in Oregon divide their time equally between paying patients and giving back to society by providing affordable, if not free, services to deserving patients. These dentists in Oregon usually tie-up with charities that are most likely focused on children and teenagers. Hence, if it is within that age bracket in your family that needs dental care, then you can try applying for these foundations.

In Oregon, for example, Advantage Smiles for Kids operates to provide dental care for low-income families. However, this organization caters mostly to kids from 10 to 16 years old, so this is applicable only if you have family members within this age bracket. In exchange for the service they give you, you may be encouraged to do volunteer work in the community, or to pay a fee of 25 US dollars.

Tips To Find A Local Oregon Family Dentist That's Affordable

4. Browse Through The Websites Of Dentists

After you have gotten personal recommendations for dentists from your family and friends, one of the next steps that you can do to further your research is to browse through the websites of these dentists. Most dentists in Oregon have their website or social media sites, where you can have an initial inquiry on the price of the services that they offer.

Also, when you browse through these websites, you can check the quality of work of these dentists to see if they are satisfactory enough. Most of these websites have before and after photos to show their work, and a feedback and rating section from their previous clients as well. Browsing through the site is a good way for you to filter through the numerous options as well, to help increase the chances of choosing the best dental care for your family for the least costly price.


5. Apply For Discount Plans

Most dental services are included as add-ons in medical insurance plans. However, you might likely be reading this article because you are one of those who still don’t have medical insurance with a dental plan included. Apart from the more pricey medical insurance, there is a cheaper option that you can avail of, and that is through applying for dental plans.

Companies such as DentalPlans.com offer discounted dental plans. These companies do not provide free dental care, but they give you access to discounts on dental care. All you have to do is sign up to the website and pay for an annual membership, which usually starts at 80 US dollars. For this fee, you are entitled to a 10% to 60% discount on most dental services.

If you think about it, this annual membership is usually less than the cost of the services that you will have to pay for full price in a year, especially since it is recommended to visit your dentist at least once every six months. For more serious problems with your gums and teeth, this frequency can be increased.

To be sure that this applies to dentists in Oregon, double check with the website, or get a hold of a customer service representative.

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Finding a reputable and qualified but affordable dentist will entail so much research process. Don’t immediately settle for the very first one that you come across, as others might be better and more affordable. With these tips to guide you, finding the most affordable and best family dentist now wouldn’t be as difficult as you thought it would be. Yes, it is possible in Oregon for you to have affordable dental care without sacrificing quality.


What are your favorite tips for finding the right family dentist?

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