Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Home décor is not only about the physical appearance of the house and its elements.

It is also about the people who live there and their health and well-being.

That is why you should be careful when choosing the right materials and decorations,

because some can be harmful both to the homeowners and the environment.

Learn how to be eco-friendly and search only for the best eco-friendly ways of decorating

your home.

Let it Shine

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Not only does it greatly contribute to the openness of the space, but it also provides a fresh

batch of air and a whole better mood in your home.

The best way of providing enough sunlight every day is by setting up big windows in every room.

Also, for the best control over the light, you should install wooden shades or skylights.

With enough daylight in your home, you are greatly contributing to the environment and your

electrical bill will certainly decrease.

Decorate with Plants

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor
A home with absolutely no plants is simply not complete.

Decorating with plants can be such an easy project and you are promised fresh air and sweet smells

every day.

Additionally, lots of types of plants, such as cute little air plants, filter the air and eliminate all the

harmful chemicals and particles in the room.

When choosing plants, you should always consider the decoration and space in your home and,

of course your personal taste.

To visually expand the room, you can opt for some tall plants, but if you are aiming at simple air

filtration and a note of freshness, any type of plant is welcome.

Energy-efficient Lighting


Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor


Switching to more eco-friendly lighting fixtures is not only helping the environment, but your

electrical bills, too.

Ditch your old light bulbs and old faulty lamps; get some new compact fluorescent light and

appliances labeled as energy-efficient and stop worrying about pollution and your high bills.

Natural and Organic Materials

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Maintaining an eco-friendly home that has only organic and natural materials can be costly

but it is worth it.

You can start replacing all of the furniture with the one made of natural wood and ditching

the plastic and particleboard ones.

Also, you can opt for timber for frames and closets and natural materials such cotton and

linen for fabrics.

Natural Wood for Furniture


Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

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Eco-friendly home should have plenty of organic wooden indoor furniture.

Your closets, bed frames and tables can be made of wood blocks, bamboo, timber and hardwood.

As far as surfaces of your furniture are concerned, they can be made of natural materials, but

you can opt for some recycled ones too: for example, you can incorporate pieces of recycled

glass into the marble or stone surface and add glow to your room.


Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor
Repainting the room is an easy and efficient way of completely changing the ambient.

However, some of the paint products contain harmful VOC chemicals which are bad both for

your family and environment.

So, when searching for new colors, pay attention to what they contain.

Also, instead of using regular brushes, you should opt for bamboo ones which will last longer.

Eco-Friendly Floor

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Like everything else in your home, the floors should too be eco-friendly starting from your kitchen

and all the way to your home office.

If you are a fan of easy cleaning and maintenance, then stone and marble floors are perfect for your home.

However, if you want more warmth and comfier atmosphere you should opt for wooden parquet, laminated

floors or even bamboo ones.

Efficient Windows

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Even the elements such as windows can contribute to an eco-friendly ambient.

Usually, windows are the ones to blame for excess loss of heat and energy all through the year.

To prevent such loss of money and energy, you should choose the windows that are lined with coatings

that will reflect the heat and provide great insulation during all the seasons.

Organic Materials with Stuffed Wool

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

When we say organic furniture, we include all of their parts.

Items such as mattresses, carpets, bedding and pillows should be wool-stuffed in order to prevent

dust mites.

Those small pests can cause allergies to your family members, which certainly are not good for

your health.

So, to stay healthy, choose your soft pieces of furniture wisely.

Buy Secondhand

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Eco-Friendly Home Décor

Visit the secondhand stores and roam through them searching for something that will suit your home.

This way you are saving up some of your money and you are providing your home with fresh elements

with their own charm and stories.

Additionally, you are saving a piece from ending up as an environmental pollutant.

Your home-owning goals should never be related to the looks only.

Think about everyone’s future, including yourself, your family and your planet.

Combine healthy with pretty and you will be on the right track of making a difference.


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