Embarrassed by vaginal odor? You are not alone. As women, we may have to cope with many health issues related to the most sensitive area in our bodies. The most annoying and embarrassing one is probably the problem with vaginal odor. Generally, this will not be a major issue if vaginal odor is treated in a timely fashion. However, it might cause more serious health problems and further diseases if this problem is not handled properly.

Fortunately, for women who are concerned about vaginal odor, there are many safe and natural ways to help you treat (and prevent) this problem at home. (Also, some of these home remedies are useful for treating other diseases as well.)

Following are some you should know to help you fix this problem in the shortest time.

Drink Plenty of Water

Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

This doesn’t sound like a quick way that could help to solve your problem in the vaginal area, however, it does. As recommended, you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day in order to have overall benefits for your health. The most beneficial part, however, is that water hydrates this sensitive region, so you will no longer need to worry about odor as well as fungus triggering the annoying smell. In addition, water is regarded as the best way to help you to have glowing and healthy skin.


Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

Along with water, yogurt is another readily available ingredient in the kitchen that you should definitely make good use of. By eating yogurt, you can treat the problem of vaginal odor internally and externally. Similar to water, yogurt is also a very beneficial skin food you should regularly use. The key to yogurt is that it helps control pH levels within the vaginal area and calms the amount of lactobacillus content. This is considered one of the main factors triggering vaginal odor.

The trick to using this is super simple.  As recommended, you can take a tampon and soak it in yogurt and distilled water. Of course, you will need to rinse off very well with water or it might cause further effect.

Tea Tree Oil

Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

Tea tree oil, in fact has long been regarded as a wonderful ingredient for treating problems related to infectious diseases. This oil is packed with high amount of antibacterial and antifungal therefore, if you make use of tee tree oil, chances are it will help prevent vaginal odor and other problems.

All you need to do is to add a decent amount of tea tree oil into the tampon, apply it over your vaginal area and then of course, you need to rinse off well with water. You can apply this daily until you get satisfactory results.


Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

Another effective ingredient found in the kitchen that you should take into consideration is fenugreek. Before using, you need to soak a full amount of fenugreek into a glass of water then leave it overnight. The next morning, you can just simply strain it to get the fluid, then drink. Remember to drink it upon waking up. You can do this action every two weeks.

Also, you can make this very ingredient into make a thick paste then apply over the affected areas. By drinking this regularly you will no longer have to worry about vaginal odor.


Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

You might assume that garlic can make the problem worse, however, it is not. Garlic has high amount of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities so that it ca help reducing bacteria and fungus if any triggering this vaginal odor.

The trick to using garlic is to crush them well to make a paste. Next step is to leave this on for a while (around 8 to 10 minutes) before rinsing off with water. This step is the point where it can help balance pH level within the affected areas.

White Vinegar

Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor

It might be a huge miss if we do not mention vinegar as treatment for vaginal odor. This is because white vinegar works wonders in treating factors causing vaginal odor. You can apply every day in order to have the best results.

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See the infographic below for more useful home remedies to help you eliminate vaginal odor.


Natural Home Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor


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Top 20 Natural Remedies to Help You Eliminate Vaginal Odor