Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

Guest post by Vaileria Dennis

Most people dream of having a toned body, but this does not come without effort.

It is important to engage in routine exercises for one to have a toned body.

Following is a list of exercises that can be done for one to have an attractive body

with perfect musculature.

1. Chest Flye

Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

This exercise works on the chest and the shoulders. One lies on the ground with the face up and knees bent. The arms are extended while holding dumbbells while the palms face each other. The arms are slowly opened to the sides while elbows are slightly bent. This can be stopped when the weights are approximately an inch from the ground. The weights are pushed to the starting position, and this should be done slowly. It is advisable to do 12 -15 repetitions of this exercise. The lighter set of weights can be picked, and the whole process can be started again. 10 repetitions can be done with the lighter weights. One can challenge himself by doing 25 repetitions using 8-10 pound weights.

2. Biceps Curl

Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

Including this exercise to your fitness program helps to work the shoulders, biceps, and the back. It starts by holding weights in each hand with the arms down and the palms facing the thighs. The weights are curled towards the shoulders, and the palms are rotated upwards towards the chest while lifting. One pauses and then starts the exercises again. It is advisable to do 12-15 repetitions.

3. Reverse Lunge

This exercise works on the quads, hamstring, and the glutes. It starts while one is standing with the hip and width apart holding a set of dumbbells that are lighter. The palms are in, and the arms are on the side. The right foot is lunged behind while the right knee is lowered towards the ground. The left knee is bent at 90 degrees while keeping it aligned over the ankle. One assumes the starting position of driving the body weight through the left heel. The right knee is raised up to the level of the hip. This exercise can be repeated 15 times and then one can switch the legs. It is advisable to challenge yourself by holding heavier dumbbells and doing more repetitions.

4. Roll Up

This exercise works on the transverse muscles and the abdominals. It is started with the face up while one is lying on the ground. The arms are extended and placed next to the ears, and the palms are left facing up. The abs are contracted while reaching the arms straight and lifting the neck, head and shoulders off the ground. The spine is kept round as smoothly as possible to prevent damage. When one is all the way up, the abs are pulled in tight and then rolled back one vertebra at a time. One can do eight repetitions of this exercise, and it can also be done while the legs are straight.

5. Side Reach

Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

This exercise works on the deep abdominals and the obliques. It starts while one is lying on the ground with legs stacked so that one is on the side. The right arm is placed on the ground while the left arm is placed on top of the left one. The abs are pulled in while one tries to reach the left hand as if one is attempting to reach the ankle. This makes one move slightly off the ground, and there will be a contraction along the sides. The back is slowly lowered down, and the abs/obliques are used to provide resistance. Eight repetitions can be done and then one can switch on the sides and repeat the whole process. It is encouraged to do more by lifting the legs slightly as one tries to reach the ankles.

6. Boat Pose

Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

This exercise targets the rectus abdominals and the deep transverse muscles and helps to reduce belly fat. It starts while one is sitting on the ground while bending the knees. The feet are placed hip-width apart. The hands are placed under the thighs, and this is done while inhaling deeply. The feet are lifted off the ground while exhaling, and this is done while knees are bent, and the abs are pulled in tight. One then leans back slowly while balancing on the tailbone while the arms are open wide to the sides. One is encouraged to hold for 8 breaths and then the exercise can be started again. 3 repetitions of this exercise can be done, and one can challenge himself by straightening the legs and keeping them at 45 degrees to the floor.


Toning the body requires hard work and a routine program for exercises. The exercises that can be done routinely to tone the body include reverse lunge, roll up, boat pose, side reach, biceps curl and chest flye. These exercises target different parts of the body, and they are all important in toning the body.

“6 Workouts to Tone Your Body”

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