Top Tips for Escaping the City Without Leaving

‘I’m too busy to do that right now’ are words you no doubt catch yourself uttering on a regular- perhaps even daily- basis. We are a stressed nation, overwhelmed by the demands of work, socializing, bustling cities and keeping healthy.

The American Institute of Stress reported that heavy workloads, lack of job security, juggling work with social lives and dealing with people issues are the biggest contributing factors to causing stress.

All that is required to minimize these stress levels, is to ensure that you find some weekly ‘me time’ and make the most of it with these ideas.

“Find some weekly

‘me time’

and make the most

of it.”

Take a hike

Exercise is a mood booster, as it releases feel-good endorphins into the blood stream. So grab a pair of women’s or men’s walking boots, pull on your waterproof jacket (for when it inevitably rains) and hit the great outdoors with an energetic pace. Going for regular walks will also lower your risk of heart disease by up to 60%, help keep you in shape and boost your vitamin D levels. From taking in the sights at beautiful parks to the thrill of getting lost, the city is your oyster and it’s all totally free.

Close your eyes and relax

Sounds easy, huh? But think about how much you actually do it. A little meditation everyday has proven to reduce stress and depression and all it takes is a little training of the mind. With apps such as Calm and Buddhify, it’s easier than ever to let a voice guide you through a short meditation whenever you find a spare ten minutes in a comfortable space. Reap the benefits even more by joining a class or signing up for yoga. Being around calm people in a relaxed environment can help you feel totally at peace and refreshed.

“It’s important to

find your own haven

in the city that

you call home.”

Ready, steady, cook!

Dusting off that recipe book, ditching the takeaway menus and inviting people around to try your delicious creations is a total stress reliever! Cooking is about being creative, activating your senses and losing yourself in the moment. Play some music, pour a glass of wine (that’s just the one glass!) and cook a meal that you haven’t dared to try attempt before. Research shows that we feel nurtured by guests’ appreciation, so invite a select few of your closest friends and dazzle them with a casual feast. The tasting part isn’t bad either.

Of course, a nice, long holiday to tropical climes won’t do you any harm either, but it’s important to find your own haven in the city that you call home. That way you can escape the hustle and bustle without having to leave.

Photo: Image by Santos Grim Santo Gonzalez, used under the Creative Commons license.


What are your favorite ways to find some “me time” without leaving your city?

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