A healthy lifestyle should be maintained throughout the year – it’s a year-round thing. But it becomes even more obvious during the summer with the desire to wear way less clothing than what you usually wear outdoors. And keeping yourself on the perfect track (both indoor and outdoor) during the dog days, shouldn’t be a big deal. Just a couple of little tricks can do it all for you.

Some great tips for a fit and sleek summer body

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

Here are some outstanding tips that would help you stay fit, healthy and fab during the hotter summer months. also shares some outstanding fitness tips on looking remarkable during summer.

Use your breath

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

Yes, you’ve just read this right. Using your breath can be especially beneficial. To get the most out of it, breathe from diaphragm. The ribcage should be expanded from top to bottom, left to right and front to back – like you’re breathing your 3D version. Deep breathing helps burn extra calories and keeps you energized during workout sessions. The best thing about practicing breathing techniques is that, you can do it anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at your cubicle, sitting in the car or walking to the store, you can practice this wonderful breathing style.

Make use of your body weight

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

Your body weight is just enough to get the best result. Only a few rounds of push-ups performed with your body weight can wind up in a toned up midsection and appealing shoulders.

Always carry drinking water

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

It’s human tendency to misunderstand being thirsty for being hungry and that leads to overconsumption of food and obvious weight gain. So carry a reusable water bottle every time you go out. This is even more essential when you travel on planes or head toward higher altitude. With the rise in altitude, the amount of oxygen in air gets decreased equating to arid air and lessened body hydration. And that often results in untimely and unhealthy food cravings, headache and fatigue. To avoid this, make proper food choices and drink plenty of water.

Be food ready

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

Irrespective of the location, we get tempted to grab and go, especially while traveling. But these packed snacks are high in calories and deprived of essential nutrients. Save yourself the additional calories and carry fresh fruits, nuts or granola bars in your bag, so you always stay food-ready to beat the longing for high-calorie snacking.

Pick up speed

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

No matter where you’re, you can always squeeze in some more cardio. Just speed up the pace of walking while breathing deeper to enhance the cardio rate. It’s a mini but great cardio exercise that you can practice without spending extra hours or putting in extra energy.

Add intensity

Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer

No time to spend? No matter – just 15 minutes will do. It will take you into the zone of muscle building and fat blasting as long as you increase your effort. The key motive of short workouts should be to workout at your individual intensity. When you feel like stopping, push for 10 more reps so as to increase hormonal response from the workout. Do it for 15 minutes–at least targeting the entire body including lower, upper and middle parts with planks, crunches, pushups and burpees. And there you have a complete and effective workout!

Though not all, these are just a few of many tricks to help you stay fit, slim and healthy all through the summertime.


What are your favorite ways to look and feel fit and fabulous in the summertime?

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Top Tips for Looking Fit and Fabulous This Summer