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Important note:

Because we receive a lot of guest post requests–we have a few important guest posting guidelines to ensure quality content for our readers:

*It is important to note that UrbanNaturale guest posts are not a substitute for paid sponsored posts promoting a specific product or company.

We offer a variety of digital marketing opportunities–and we can provide more information about these, if you are interested.


Writing samples:

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UrbanNaturale: Healthy, Green, Natural, By Design

*We are a healthy, green, organic, vegan, fit, DIY & natural living site. We also cover natural beauty, eco-fashion, culture and travel.

*We are committed to providing helpful, useful well-written, actionable posts for our readers, so guest posts must serve their needs.

*We prefer to focus on alternative and holistic treatments, natural remedies, diet and lifestyle change and preventive health as opposed to

conventional drugs and surgery.

* We are looking for in depth, well-researched, well-organized content of 800 – 1000 words.

*Post should be original and not published elsewhere on the internet.

*Content must be unique, Copyscape approved — not PLR, and not published elsewhere.

*Posts should include subheads for easy reading.

*Content must be grammatically-correct. Please proofread before sending.

*We are a vegan site so recipes should not include dairy, eggs, meat or fish.


Important: Keywords and SEO:

*For best results, your content should be written with SEO in mind. 

Choose a keyword or keyword phrase for your article.
State your keyword in the email when you send the article for publication.

*Ideally, your keyword should be in the title, first paragraph and used a few times in the content of the article.

*All content is subject to editorial review, approval and edits, if necessary.


“Royalty-Free” Photos are Required: 

Image Size: 800 pixels wide or larger

Guest posts should be sent with a sharp, good-quality main photo and a supportive photo to illustrate each subhead —

that are free to use (from stock image sites such as Pexels, Pixabay, Picjumbo, Unsplash,, Shutterstock, Depositphotos, etc..( Image credits or links should be supplied, if

needed from sites like Flickr, Wikipedia, etc..)

In the case of specific products mentioned in posts, it would be helpful to include links to actual product examples to make it easier for readers to find them.

Free image sites include:,,, Picjumbo, etc.


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You may provide a brief author bio as well as your blog or social media contact info.


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