No matter what your motivation is for becoming vegan or becoming a vegan couple, the best ways to efficiently switch to a vegan diet is to take it slow. Stopping consumption of dairy and meat immediately will disrupt your bodily functions and is pretty tough to do if you’ve been hogging on cream cheese and beef burgers most of your life.

Only about seven percent of U.S. classify themselves as vegan–therefore choosing to remove animal-based products from your diet can be quite a struggle. Most people are still apprehensive about giving up their favorite foods and eating out can become hard for some.

It helps when you have a partner who also is ready to make the change, because then you have a supportive force around you. Many people choose to become vegan for the sake of their health. Over the years we have learned that following a vegan diet improves your mood, reduces the major health risks such as diabetes and heart disease and heightens energy levels along with many other physical benefits. It also slows down cellular aging dramatically–no wonder so many Hollywood celebs have jumped on the bandwagon!

Here’s how you and your partner can slowly transition into the vegan way of life and become a vegan couple:


“It helps when you have a partner who

is also ready to make the change to a vegan

lifestyle with you because then you have

a supportive force around you.”


Start off slow as a vegan couple

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

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Completely ridding your diet of all animal-based products isn’t simple so start off by removing one thing at a time. Since chicken is the most commonly found animal protein, it could be the first to go. When you remove chicken from your diet, you’re instantly removing the greatest chunk of animal-protein from your life. Once you remove chicken from your diet, avoiding other meats comes more easily. The same logic applies to eggs since they are another common ingredient used in meals.


Fruits and vegetables are your best friend

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

When you first decide to become vegan, it will take you a while to learn what you can and cannot eat. The simplest solution to the problem is to stick to as much as you can at the beginning.

Many who switch to vegetarianism tend to overload on starchy foods such as pasta, bread and rice which isn’t the healthiest choice. Cooking with vegetables and snacking on fruits is a much better option. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which will boost your bodily functions.


Explore other ethnic cuisines

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

There are various cuisines that consist of more plant-based foods. Many due to the spread of Buddhism in the area.

If you can, take a trip to Southeast Asia with your partner and explore various Asian cuisines. Their delicious soups and easy-to-cook vegetable-based meals are sure to become a favorite.


Know your sources of protein

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

Protein is essential for the development of muscle in your body and since meat is one of the most popular sources of protein, new vegetarians and vegans often worry about how they will meet their protein requirement. Don’t fret! There are other ways of getting your protein without having to consume meat: there are numerous that will be an adequate substitute.


Staying in shape as a vegan couple

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

As you transition into the vegan lifestyle, you may lose weight because plant-based foods are digested more quickly than animal-based foods. That being said, keep in mind that not all non-animal based-products are healthy. For example, too much starch in your diet may cause you to put on weight , for example, white rice and fried potatoes, despite being vegetables aren’t the best for you.

It is possible to be in good shape when you’re a vegan, but your workout will have to be adjusted accordingly. When you are consuming meats and animal-based products, you still require one day of rest. On a lighter diet, you may need 2 or 3 days of rest. With your new diet, it could take you some time to adjust in the gym, so take some time off and workout at home.

Make sure to exercise all of your muscles throughout the week, but your abs should be worked on every day. Regardless of whether you are consuming animal-based products or not, your belly is still where you gain weight the easiest. Do in-home exercises to begin training your core gently – give your body the time to adapt to your new diet.

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

Yoga is a great workout for a new vegan couple. It provides you with flexibility and improves your balance. It tones muscles gradually without you feeling exhausted.

As a vegan couple, there are you can do at home with your partner that engage all muscles without over-exhausting you and costing much.

Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways

Any big lifestyle change is always going to be difficult at the beginning. When you have the right support system, it becomes easier to adjust to your new way of living. Be thankful that you have supportive partner during this phase of your life.

Keep motivating each other and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living healthily as a vegan couple!

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Vegan couple: working out together what are the best ways