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In case you didn’t know already, organic coffee refers to the coffee that is produced without using any artificial and chemical substances. As such, it does not contain any additives, pesticides or herbicides,
so it’s completely healthy. At the same time, there are lots of factors to be taken into account before calling one type of coffee “organic”. For instance, the fertilizer used at the coffee farm has to be 100% organic,
such as chicken manure, coffee pulp, general compost etc.

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

Organic coffee is also useful for the environment too, not just for humans. Organic agriculture makes the natural environment become more resistant to all sorts of diseases. It minimizes the soil erosion and takes part in a healthy ecosystem. Moreover, birds also take advantage of the coffee fields, often feeding them-
selves from them.

“Organic coffee is coffee that is

produced without using any

artificial and chemical substances.

It does not contain any additives,

pesticides or herbicides, so it’s healthy

and also good for the environment.”


Organic Coffee Shops

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

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In the context of the successful trend with organic coffee, naturally there appeared lots of specialized coffee shops selling this particular type of coffee. For now, organic coffee represents around 1/3 of the organic beverage sales in the US alone.

So why should you go to such a coffee shop?

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

First of all, it tastes really good, and everybody who tried it agrees. Secondly, you can help to protect the environment by consuming a beverage that takes care of the planet and fights against artificial chemicals.
Yet another reason is the fact that it’s healthy, and in this way you can enjoy a really good coffee that is
good for your body.


“By drinking organic coffee you

help protect the environment by

consuming a beverage that takes

care of the planet and fights

against artificial chemicals.”


Now that you know why, you should also consider where should you go for such a special coffee shop. An excellent recommendation is the . Placed under the DrSmood brand, this coffee shop is located at the corner of the NW 22nd Terrace, right in the great Wynwood Arts District. The entire district is renowned for the lively murals, its exquisite street art, fashionable hangouts and contemporary art galleries.

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

It became a coffee shop from a gallery space initially, which means that it’s a space flooded by natural light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. It has dark walls and comfortable seating, which, together with the apothecary aesthetic, create a cozy look and feel. It also has a lovely dining area al fresco, and the cuisine
is excellent!

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

You can find there lots of options for every taste, from coffee and teas to salads, sandwiches, live juices and cold-pressed ones, pastries, shakes and many others. You can even work here or meet up with your friends, since there is Wi-Fi and extra outlets. It even allows you to bring your pet, and if you drop by with your car, you can find plenty of parking spaces around.

Visit the Organic Cafe Wynwood

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