Want to Be Your Own Best Friend? 10 Wonderful Ways to Make Friends with Yourself

Have you been a good friend to yourself?

When you look inside your “self” do you honestly like who you are?

Are you brave enough to be frank with yourself?

How do you really feel about the person you see ‘in your mind’s eye’?

If pressed, would you choose “you” to be your friend?

Let’s face it, sometimes, it’s hard to live in your own skin.

But it’s also true that becoming your own best friend can help you have a more

comfortable, peaceful and productive life.

What’s more, becoming better friends with yourself will undoubtedly help you be

a better friend to others.

Here are 10 ideas to help you make friends with yourself or become a

better friend than you are today:

#1. Define What You Want in a Friend

Think seriously about what you look for in a good friend.

Then write down what you like about yourself.

You may find many things that line up!

#2. Assess Your Personal Beliefs

Think through your personal beliefs – religious, moral, philosophical, and so forth.

What do you value?

What is your life philosophy?

Ask yourself why you have these values and beliefs.

Where did they come from?

Want to Be Your Own Best Friend? 10 Wonderful Ways to Make Friends with Yourself

#3. Talk to Yourself

Don’t be afraid to talk aloud to yourself.

Ask yourself questions.

Expound as if you are being interviewed.

#4. Keep a  Personal Journal

Write down your thoughts and impressions each evening before going to bed.

Make notes of how you feel or what you think about situations and people you encountered that day.

Write down any thoughts that have been bothering you as well.

Write poetry or short stories if you like.

As your entries increase, go back and read them.

#5. Describe Yourself.

In your journal, write down key things about yourself, as if you are filling in information

for a personal ad.

Write not only your likes (favorite movies and foods, how you like to spend your time, etc.),

but also write your dislikes.

Write down details like your financial philosophy. Ask yourself if you like socializing or

prefer time alone.

#6. Describe Your Perfect Day

Then write down how you defined your “perfect day.”

If you had 24 hours to spend however you wanted, what would you do?

Read stories to your children? Shop? Read novels? Go rock climbing, hiking or camping?

What would you perfect day look like, feel like, be like?

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#7. Spend Time Alone

If it makes you uncomfortable to be alone and quiet, then you’ve already learned something

about yourself.

Try to spend time alone and just listen to your thoughts.

#8. Meditate Regularly

Even if you meditate while walking or doing some sort of exercise, that’s fine.

Just spend some time within yourself.

#9. Take it Easy on Yourself

Stop browbeating yourself.

Pay attention to negative thoughts.

Write them down and see where you are berating yourself.

Just as you would not say those things to others, don’t say them to yourself.

Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

#10. Lighten Up & Laugh

I personally think this is the most important tip!

Don’t always take yourself so seriously.

It is very important to lighten up and laugh at yourself.

Laughter is often the best gift you can give yourself.

This has certainly worked for me on many occasions.

Of course, these are just a few tips…

There are so many wise and wonderful ways to have a better friendship with


Whatever it takes, just do it!

Self love is the most important love of all.

What has worked for you?

Share your suggestions for the best ways to make friends with yourself.