Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

For many homeowners, creating a quaint, delicate garden space is essential.

It doesn’t matter what type of home you have, the way you design and adapt your garden

is all down to personal style and practicality.

One of the most popular garden styles today is similar to that of a country cottage.

Country cottage-style gardens combine beautiful flowers with delicate details that enhance

the character and create a welcoming and charming garden.

Walls and Hedges

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

Cottage-style gardens are well-known for their intriguing appearance.

You often find cottages to have a garden that looks slightly chaotic, in an organised manor.

This gives the garden charm and a slightly mysterious feel, which is ideal for creating the

perfect atmosphere.

One of the main elements to a cottage-style garden is the privacy.

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

Having privacy in your garden is essential, not only for safety reasons but also to give you

a space to enjoy without having to worry about prying eyes.

Hedges are very popular with cottage gardens and are often found in wonderful shapes

and sizes.

Introducing hedges and walls to your garden, even if only small, will add a private touch

to the overall space you have as well as creating that mysterious, secret garden feel.

Fences and Gates

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

When you think of a country cottage, situated in the middle of an old country road,

you’re instantly greeted with the image of a sweet little cottage surrounded by rickety

fencing and a small gate.

This is an image that is often used to design cottage-style gardens as it gives a touch

of country to the overall design.

If you’re wanting to stick to the traditional fencing style in a faded brown colour with

dark metal details, then you can create a classic look to surround your garden.

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

Similarly, if you’re looking for more of a contemporary, modern twist on the traditional

wooden fence then why not look at such

as pink or blue, as this will add a pop of character to the garden whilst emphasising

your personal style.

Introduce a Path

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

It doesn’t matter what size your garden may be, introducing a path is a charming way

of enhancing the current style and creating a very cottage-like feel.

Using light coloured concrete slabs or flagstones neatly positioned in a windy line

will instantly add character to your garden and create a sweet focal point.

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

You can then look at adding a feature at the end of the pathway such as an outdoor

dining table and chairs set or, a sweet wooden bench for use throughout those warmer,

summer days.

Plant Beautiful Flowers

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

A signature cottage-style feature is the beautiful selection of gorgeous plants.

Sticking with a theme of bold, bright floral displays with flowers such as peonies, roses,

bellflowers and lilies will add a luxuriously feminine touch to your garden and enhance

the cottage style you’re aiming for.

You can really add character to the garden by

and stylish plant pots, as this will add style to the garden and make the theme stand out

much more.

Vintage Items

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

Whether you’re opting for a sweet wireframed bench or some delicate metal tables and chairs,

the antique style furniture pieces are perfect for a cottage-style garden.

There are then additional items such as antique style watering cans, old tools that are no longer

of use and bold features such as stone bird tables with a worn white paint finish.

Ways to Make a Quaint Cottage-Style Garden

These delicate items don’t have to be used in excess, but simply positioning a few scattered

around the garden will keep the cottage theme going and enhance the old-fashioned style

you’re wanting to achieve.


What are your favorite tips for creating a quaint cottage style garden?

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