As a therapist looking to open your own office, few things can prepare you for running a private practice. Wearing the hats of entrepreneur and mental health professional is taxing. You have to manage your operating costs and revenue, be there for your patients, and bring in new clients.

Even though you’re an expert in your field, the business side of things doesn’t always come naturally to healthcare professionals. You became a therapist to help people, but you also want to build a successful company as well. Continue reading to learn a few methods that can help you to maximize your practice’s potential.



Ways to Maximize Your Therapy Practice's Potential

Increase Your Online Presence

People research just about everything online these days. Honestly, when was the last time you made a major purchase or decision without doing some web surfing in search of answers?

If you want to expose your practice to more potential clients, then the best way to do that is to increase your online presence. If you don’t have a website already, then you should start working on one immediately after finishing this article! If you don’t have a website, then people are less likely to trust your services.

In addition to building a website, social media is a great tool for making your presence felt on the internet. You should have a Linkedin profile for yourself and another one for your practice. Publish articles on Linkedin pertaining to therapy and show yourself to be a reliable and authoritative voice in your field.

You should also apply to get your therapy practice placed in an online directory like  that matches patients with therapists. With Therapy has high standards for the therapists they admit into their directory, so just being added by them can increase your practice’s profile dramatically.

Ways to Maximize Your Therapy Practice's Potential

Make Yourself Available

The best ability is availability. When people are in need of your services, you want to be accessible. Of course, you can’t be there for your patients around the clock — but with today’s technology, you can make it seem like you are.

With , you get the power of an entire remote call center. However, this software isn’t just about having someone manning the phones at all times.

It offers the ability to engage with potential clients online and in real-time via chatbots when they visit your website. You can employee voicemail drops to remind patients of upcoming appointments and use automated voice assistance to handle issues that don’t need your immediate attention.

Ways to Maximize Your Therapy Practice's Potential

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

No matter what kind of business venture you go into, it’s vital to your success that you find ways to stand out from your competition. You don’t need to go for the absurd in your quest to separate yourself from the rest of the field, but don’t be afraid to be different either.

Within recent years, therapy dogs have been given to people suffering from mental health issues, and they work. Studies have shown that therapy dogs can help to improve both mental and physical health, so why not incorporate them into your practice? There’s nothing like man’s best friend to help you break the ice with new patients!


If your office is in a scenic area, then you should consider having some of your therapy sessions outside. Being outside in the open air has a relaxing effect on many people. You don’t have to allow pups to sit in on your therapy sessions or conduct your appointments in the outdoors, but come up with creative ways to engage with your patients.

When building your practice, it’s important to remain patient and focus on your patients — growth will come. In the meantime, increase your online presence, make yourself more available, and dare to be different.


What are your favorite tips for maximizing your therapy practice’s potential?

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