Few things are worse in this world than sexual assault. This entails the complete violation of your privacy, shattering your sense of comfort, and changing how you view the world.

Sexual assault is not okay and nobody deserves to become a victim of it. The long-term effects of being sexually abused are horrific and heartbreaking. Many struggle to return to normal life and suffer from numerous mental challenges.

The longer the abuse occurs, the worse the impact is. Because of this, you need to understand what the warning signs of sexual abuse are so you can be prepared to stop it should it be affecting someone you know.



An important part of this is knowing what the main types of sexual assault are so that you don’t overlook any indications of abuse. To get you started, we’ll take a look at four of the most common types of sexual assault below.


Two indirect forms of sexual assault include exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Both of these situations involve the element of surprise. The main differences are where they occur and which party is exposed.

Exhibitionism is the form of sexual assault that happens in public. It’s when someone exposes their genitals to an unsuspecting or unconsenting victim, which is a predatory and inappropriate display of nudity.

On the other hand, voyeurism is a type of sexual assault that usually occurs in the comfort of a victim’s own home. This is when a predator tries to sneak up on a victim and catch them in a situation where they are sexually exposed.

Common cases of voyeurism include spying on someone as they engage in sexual acts or watching someone as they undress.

While either type of assault does not involve direct contact, it is still a violation of your privacy.

What Are the Main Types of Sexual Assault? 


A particularly saddening form of sexual assault is molestation.

Unlike other types of sexual assault, molestation applies to a specific demographic. In particular, molestation is referred to when children and minors are being sexually abused.

Molestation is a form of sexual assault that entails invasive acts like touching genitals or exposing a minor to an adult’s genitalia. It can include several different behaviors, but the underlying theme is sexual acts with a minor.

This also includes the taking of nude photographs. A predator may not physically touch their victim, instead taking inappropriate photos to save.

Whether molestation is physical or through pictures, it is never okay. Children can never consent to sexual acts, which makes them molestation and inherently predatory.

What Are the Main Types of Sexual Assault? 


A complicated style of sexual abuse involves coercion and manipulation.

Sexual coercion occurs when one party is forced into engaging in sexual acts despite not wanting to.

If one person has to convince or trick someone into a sexual situation, then this involves the use of coercion. Whether it’s in the form of making threats or forcing oneself upon another in a sexual way, coercion is never an acceptable tactic to get what you want.

Pressuring someone into having sex or being intimate in any way is another form of sexual coercion. This can include tricky situations where a partner in a relationship can be coerced into sex, which is sexual assault if both parties aren’t willing and consenting.

Additionally, coercion is incredibly manipulative. A predator will figure out what matters to you and use that against you to get what they want.

For example, many attackers will choose to use blackmail. They may learn sensitive information about you and threaten to spread it if you don’t send them nude photos or give sexual favors.

If sex does not come naturally and you feel like you need to do it, then it’s probably sexual assault.

What Are the Main Types of Sexual Assault? 


Lastly, sexual assault includes the act of rape. This is nonconsensual sex that involves forced penetration of your body.

When speaking about sexual assault, rape is almost always the act that is being thought of. It is the worst form of abuse because it renders you entirely helpless.

You may have an unclear understanding of what constitutes rape. This is because of the abundance of misinformation spread by others.

Any time that you have sex without consenting to it, then rape is involved. Consent is never implied and must be given before each time that you have sex.

That said, being in a situation where you felt uncomfortable, said no, tried to resist or leave, and had no interest would entail rape.

You are never obligated to be sexual with anyone at any time. Only do what you are comfortable with and steer clear of anyone who makes you feel differently.



Closing Thoughts

Sexual abuse is a significant problem that tends to go unnoticed. Many victims are abused by someone they know, which can make it easier to cover up.

To notice signs of abuse, you should know what types of sexual assault to watch for. A few of the common types include exhibitionism, voyeurism, molestation, coercion, and rape.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, then you don’t need to stay silent! You never deserve to be violated and those who do you harm deserve justice for their actions.

Should you notice signs of sexual assault in someone else, act quickly to stop the abuse as soon as possible!


Have you or a loved one experienced sexual abuse or assault?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



What Are the Main Types of Sexual Assault? -  Sexual abuse is a significant problem that tends to go unnoticed. To notice signs of abuse, you should know what types of sexual assault to watch for. Should you notice signs of sexual assault in someone, act quickly to stop the abuse as soon as possible!  #sexualassault    #sexualabuse  #abuse  #assault  #preventsexualabuse  #preventsexualassault  #signsofsexualabuse