What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

An innocent prescription for painkillers from the doctor can lead to a darker problem

that is growing in this country.

Opioid painkiller addiction is steadily on the rise.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine state in their study on addiction for the

year 2013 that “1.9 million Americans live with prescription opioid abuse or dependence,

while 517,000 Americans live with heroin addiction.”

An average of two people die of prescription opioid overdose every hour.

Opioid painkillers offer the same pain blocking effects that are experienced by those

using heroin.

Unfortunately they also share the same dangers when it comes to getting hooked.

There is an undeniable problem, but how do you know when you or a loved one should

seek help?

Using Increasingly Larger Amounts

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

Generally patients do well on prescription painkillers if they are used for short periods

and as directed.

The body will slowly begin to build a tolerance and require higher amounts for the same

effects over time.

If you or loved ones are increasing dosages on their own there could be the beginnings

of an addiction problem.

Stealing Painkillers

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

Running out of prescription painkillers and not being able to get a refill for a specified

amount of time can make people turn to desperate measures to get the desired drug.

Stealing pill bottles from the medicine cabinets of friends or family is a red flag that

there is a problem.

It may be time to seek the advice of professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery.

Purchasing Black Market Painkillers

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

Turning to alternative methods to score additional prescription painkillers can be

more costly than the outrageous prices.

Getting caught by law enforcement can mean jail time, heavy fines and a lot of


There is also a risk in not knowing if the drugs have been tampered with.

Getting pills that are a higher dosage can set you up for an accidental overdose.

This type of risky behavior is a sign that there may be an addiction.

Using More than One Doctor

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

When prescription painkillers are being overused sources for additional amounts will

eventually dry up.

This means that new sources have to be found by using multiple doctors,stealing from

your current doctors prescription pad and forging prescriptions or looking at online

sources of opioids.

If you or a loved one are at the point of utilizing the services of more than one doctor it

is definitely time to get help.

Getting caught can cost you legally, as well as damage the reputation of the doctors involved.

Complete Life Interference

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

Living life in the grips of a prescription painkiller addiction makes a person feel miserable.

There are mood swings, irritability, loss of appetite and even more physical symptoms that

mimic withdrawal from heroin.

It is important to be honest about a possible addiction because some of the symptoms can be

life-threatening if the use has been in high dosages and over a long period of time.

Prescription painkiller addiction begins to consume the lives of all involved.

It can cause job loss, marital discord and ruin relationships with friends and family.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a complete life interference from prescription painkillers

it is time to seek help from Ocean Breeze Recovery.

How to Reach Out for Help

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

The realization that there is a problem is not easy or pleasant.

The first step is to get the support of your immediate family, if possible.

Contact the professionals at Ocean Breeze recovery to find out if you are dealing

with an addiction.

You may have to consider to get back on your feet the

right way.

There is a very specific process for getting drugs out of your system safely.

This is not the type of problem that can be safely tackled by a do-it-yourself approach.

Once the drugs are out of your system it is best to begin therapy to learn coping skills

that will make each day moving forward easier.

What Are the Top 5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction?

Prescription painkiller addiction can happen to anyone in any walk of life.

There is no shame in recognizing and reaching pout for help to break free.

Make the right decision for your family, for your future and for your health.

Get an assessment and have all of your questions answered by knowledgeable

and discreet professionals.

Being prescription painkiller free is as close as making the call to Ocean Breeze

Recovery today!


Opiate Painkiller Addictions affects Millions. Learn the Signs.


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