Sober living refers to the homes or shelter houses where individuals who previously had substance addiction can stay to help promote a sober way of life. These homes are most commonly known as halfway houses. Sober living homes tend to have a negative reputation of being a dumping ground of criminals or dangerous people and those with extreme mental difficulties; however, here’s telling you that this is a misconception. As varied as the stories and history are of each living, so is the peace and joy that they can bring to their fellow residents. Sober living homes can be one of the best places to help you out in your journey to recovery.


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Here’s what you can expect from sober living:

What Can You Expect From Sober Living  

1.Sober living homes are mostly gendered specific

Sober living homes are generally designed to be gender-specific. Hence, you can’t usually find co-ed dormitories or halfway houses, and it’s usually better this way. Girls’ needs are very different from that of boys’ needs, and it’s always advantageous to know that the halfway house you’re in is specialized in your specific gender needs. For example:

  • Women respond differently to men regarding emotional issues.
  • Women’s hormonal changes can also cause varied mood swings, more than men.
  • Men sometimes find it hard to recover and be themselves around women.

is your safe haven to help you recover more before you’re set out to the big world that may be doubtful of you and full of temptations.


2. Sober living homes will give you the comfort of your own home

It’s another myth that sober living homes are uncomfortable and unpleasant to live in. To give you the best care and experience that’s needed for your full recovery, a lot of the sober living homes today are designed to provide you with the comforts of your own home. There are even testimonies from former residents that their sober living home was even more comfortable than their own house! The best part is that you’re allowed to bring some of your possessions depending on where you go to give your temporary shelter a very loving and homey feel to it.


3. Sober living homes provide you with love and care as a parent would

Sober living homes don’t only have therapists and nurses; they also have “house moms” and “house dads” who act like your mother and father figure when you’re in that halfway house. Just like your relationship with your parents as your most beloved ones, being with your house mom and house dad will give you the love and care that you need. You’re free to open up and talk about anything with your house parents, from your simple joys to your biggest fears.

What Can You Expect From Sober Living  

4. Sober living homes offer a lot of holistic programs for your care and well being

When you’re in rehabilitation care, a significant weight of the program that’s provided is focused on therapy, meditation, counseling and getting you out of your addictive past. Once you’ve graduated from the rehabilitation center, it’s understood that you’ve already put your past behind you, and may now be presented back to the big world.

However, before this big move, a stay in a sober living home is usually recommended, so that you can have more guidance as you slowly transition into your brand new sober and clean life. Hence, programs in a sober living house are catered to meet your holistic development as a person. Here are some examples of these in-house programs:

  • Yoga, meditation
  • Massage
  • Recreation facilities such as a gym and a swimming pool
  • Classes to build a hobby such as art, music, or writing
  • Support group meetings
  • One-on-one assistance for those with special care such as educational problems and behavioral issues

The presence of these holistic programs will help you transition better into the outside world, as you’re now more stable emotionally and psychologically as a direct result of your sober living care.


5. You can get a job even while on sober living

Even while you’re in a halfway house, you can already be gainfully employed in some little jobs. Employment is usually a recommendation for residents. This factor is one difference from living in a rehabilitation center, as while you’re there, you’re not yet allowed to do any form of a job.

As you’re now exposed to little part-time jobs, it makes your transition into recovery better. When you leave the halfway house, you can manage better being fully employed back at a job that you used to do.


6. Sober living homes have tasty and nutritious food

It’s a common mistake to think of halfway houses are a home for monotony. Where meals are almost the same all the time and are nowhere close to nutritious. When you’re in sober living, the meals that are being prepared are actually delicious and very nutritious. Remember that they have your best interest at heart, and a part of improving yourself as a person is also an improvement in your health.

Sober living homes usually have two options for meal preparations:

  • There’s an in-house chef who prepares specialized meals, depending on the personal nutritional needs of every resident, or
  • The residents themselves prepare and cook the meals, as a part of their holistic development program

What Can You Expect From Sober Living 

7. You’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons about life in sober living

Apart from trying to help you midway through your process of moving from a rehabilitation center and out to the real world, your stay in a sober living home will also provide you with a lot of life lessons that you can bring with you, wherever you may be after your stay. Some of these life lessons include:

  • Accountability, as you’re taught to be responsible for your determination and will to succeed with staying sober.
  • Responsibility, as you’re taught basic life tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of yourself.
  • Courtesy and respect, as you learn to mingle and live harmoniously with your other co-residents


8. Sober living will help you get out of your old addictive vices

Yes, sober living will help you get out of your old addictive vices. Yes, sober living will create a significant change and impact in the new life that you’re trying to create for yourself. This fact has to be reiterated many times, as there’s still a lot of doubts and criticisms on sober living homes that they do little to help any resident from recovering. No, this is wrong.

Because of the many programs, love, care, and personalized approach that halfway houses provide, the rate of recidivism from those who have experienced living in sober living homes are quite low. The percentage of recurrence refers to the incident of a previous offender committing the same crime, mistake or addiction again.

Above all else, your sober living home is there to help you build a brand new and better life for yourself, your family, and your future.


9. You’ll be paying for rent in a sober living home

Keep in mind that your stay in a sober living home will help you move from rehabilitation to living independently back into your community. Hence, a part of this training in a halfway house involves paying your rent. This task is also the reason why you’re encouraged to work.

Having this kind of arrangement is extremely beneficial for you, as it will feel like you’re slowly getting back to your day-to-day life. When you leave the sober living home, you won’t be overwhelmed with the challenge of trying to stay out of temptation while suddenly putting your life together with responsibilities.

What Can You Expect From Sober Living  

10. You’ll be required to maintain your sobriety in sober living homes

The main distinction between rehabilitation centers and sober living homes is that in the former, the focus is more on therapy to get you out of your addiction, while the latter centers on providing you with living quarters as you transition to independent living. However, do keep in mind that sober living is still a part of your recovery process; therefore, you’re required to maintain your sobriety in sober living homes.

While you’re a resident, you’re required to regularly submit proof of abstinence to show that you aren’t involved with substance abuse again and that you can curb and fight any temptations or cravings. It has been found that it’s always the hardest on the first year to fight your cravings; hence, it’s beneficial to stay in a halfway house where you have some guidance and support after your release from the rehab to give you the best help possible that you can.



Sober living homes, or halfway houses, as they’re more commonly known, are nicknamed as such for a reason; these are shelters given as a midpoint of protection for previously incarcerated individuals, those who have just gotten out of rehabilitation centers, or those with mental difficulties from the real world. These homes serve as their safe haven to help further their sober way of life and healing before they’re exposed to the real world.


Have you or a loved one experienced sober living homes?

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 What Can You Expect From Sober Living  - Sober living refers to the homes or shelter houses where individuals who previously had substance addiction can stay to help promote a sober way of life. These homes are most commonly known as halfway houses. They can be one of the best places to help you out in your journey to recovery.  #soberliving  #sobriety  #addictionrecovery  #halfwayhouses