CBD hair care products are the next big frontier for today’s hot super-supplement of the moment, cannabidiol. While it’s easy to be skeptical of anything being treated like a miracle cure-all the way CBD has been lately, its real achievements are hard to ignore. While there are some claims about CBD that don’t have evidence to back them up, it does provide strong relief from epileptic seizures, pain relief, strong muscle relaxation without a lot of side effects, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. Beyond that, CBD oil, the main ingredient that brings CBD into many products, has a wider variety of benefits.


What Does CBD Do in Hair Care Products?

Hydration, Nutrition, Fatty Acids, and Your Scalp

Hemp oils like CBD oil carry a lot of nutrients and beneficial compounds beyond the cannabinoids you count on as active ingredients. As a result, they’re often healthy in their own right, even if their most active cannabinoid components are neutralized. Hemp oil with no CBD or THC content is still used for its moisturizing benefits, cooking properties, and omega fatty acid contents in food and medicine, as well as in other beauty products. Those fatty acids, which include the famous Omega-3 group but also important Omega-6 and Omega-9 acids, help promote healthy, balanced skin.

Healthy skin with a proper balance of moisture and hydration helps hair grow, and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD add another benefit for those who experience scalp challenges that can be aggravated by stress or other factors that can aggravate an inflammatory response. As a result, it can help directly with related conditions like psoriasis and eczema, which worsen as inflammation and irritation increases. The whole picture is important with cannabis oils, because often there are multiple beneficial ingredients that each contribute, and they also contribute to the success of other ingredients.

What Does CBD Do in Hair Care Products?

The Entourage Effect on Hair Nutrients

One of the most important theories around the effectiveness of cannabinoids in health and medicine is the entourage effect. To put it simply, it’s been shown that many cannabinoids work better when they are used together, and some of them also increase the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients and other resources, like water, into its cells. This effect basically means that when the body’s cannabinoid receptors are stimulated in a certain way, the other receptors that make use of other bio-available nutrients also work better.

Many people who subscribe to this explanation for the synergistic effects of cannabis therapies also believe that the right complementary stimulation of the cannabinoid receptors by non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD can make many medicines and foods more effective, simply by taking advantage of the entourage effect in products like  and conditioners. More testing is needed to quantify this effect, but it has been observed by many researchers and CBD users alike.

What Does CBD Do in Hair Care Products?

So How Does CBD Shampoo Help Your Scalp and Hair?

The manufacturers of cannabis-infused hair care products claim that CBD helps relax you and rejuvenate you while nourishing your hair. When the right cannabis oils are infused into the products, this is entirely plausible with what is already known about topical CBD use, its effects on inflammation and irritation, and the general benefits of cannabis oil. Additionally, the topical pain relief offered by CBD could provide headache relief for many people. If you regularly experience headaches from stress or fatigue, there’s a very good chance this product would provide some relief from that pain, at least as much as topical pain relievers can.

The biggest benefit is going to be from the way CBD treats inflammation, though. The more you have to deal with side effects from scalp irritation and dry skin, the more likely you are to also experience attendant inflammation and skin irritation. This leads to a cycle of creating raw, dry skin from scratching and irritation related to symptoms that then get worse from the irritation caused by their effects. Directly moisturizing and providing nutrition to the scalp and hair can help calm the reaction down and provide relief, but the extra help of an anti-inflammatory like CBD treats the underlying issue that causes the symptoms, helping to keep them from reoccurring.

If you only have a little dry scalp issue, you might not notice a huge change from switching to a CBD infused shampoo, but you might prevent future issues by encouraging overall hair and scalp health. For those who can’t quite control eczema and psoriasis, this addition of a cannabinoid to high end hair care could be a game changer, though.


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