What is an Overbite and Why Should it be Treated?

A deep overbite refers to a malocclusion that causes the lower and upper teeth to overlap. The ideal overlap is usually about 1-2 millimeters. However, some people have a deep vertical overbite that is about 4-10 millimeters deep. When it is that deep, the patient’s chin tends to be recessive, which can result in TMJ pain.

cause the patient to have a round and short face. In some cases, they also cause maxillary protrusion – where the upper jaw protrudes in front of the lower jaw. If you have a deep overbite, you should seek treatment to make chewing much easier and eliminate problems caused by TMJ.

People who undergo overbite correction procedures do not need chin implants or jaw augmentation because their chins are of a normal size but just appear smaller. They look smaller because the overbite pushes the chin back towards the neck.


“If you have a deep overbite, you

should seek treatment to make

chewing much easier and eliminate

problems caused by TMJ.”


What causes an overbite?

What is an Overbite and Why Should it be Treated?

An overbite is caused by genetics, which are part of the natural eruption of teeth. Very few individuals actually have the perfect bite because teeth eruptions occur randomly. Your teeth can erupt while you are growing and it stops when they meet the opposing teeth.

Today, you can achieve the best jaw position, height, and facial proportions thanks to some innovative non-invasive dentistry. Chronic problems such as sucking on the thumb can cause overbites, as the thumb will push your lower teeth back while your upper teeth move forward.

If you already have an overbite, it will worsen as you age because your teeth wear down with time. Patients who have a tongue thrust do not speak clearly, as they use their tongues to talk.

This means that speech therapy is useless because the teeth and facial proportions are not balanced. An overbite affects your facial profile and makes you look older; these are more reasons why you need to correct it.

Why should you correct an overbite?

What is an Overbite and Why Should it be Treated?

The adjustment of your bite will improve your quality of life. Many people do not realize that their face shapes are also determined by the kind of bite that they have. Moreover, they do not see the relationship between TMJ pain, jaw pain, and tooth wear.

If you do not , your speech will always be unclear because you have to accommodate your jaw position to all functions, including eating, speaking, chewing, and clenching. Generally, people with overbites usually have a lower self-esteem because they do not look their best and their head, neck, and face do not work in harmony.

Do you need help with your overbite?

What is an Overbite and Why Should it be Treated?

The lack of harmony makes your jaws look smaller, which affects your physical appearance by giving you a short lower jaw, thinner lips, and the appearance of a small chin. If you have trouble speaking, eating, and suffer from TMJ pain, you should see a dentist who can correct your overbite. If you want to take a more drastic route, you should consider double jaw surgery, which moves your upper and lower jaws into their correct positions.

This procedure will not only give you the ideal profile, but it will also make your whole face appear balanced. However, you should be prepared to take a few months off work to allow your face to heal. If your chin still looks recessed after correcting your overbite, you should consider getting a chin implant.


“Treating your overbite

will greatly improve your

quality of life.”


Overbites are not dental conditions you can treat with over-the-counter remedies. Just as you would hire a to create a lasting solution for a new deck addition to your home, you need to find a top-notch professional to correct an overbite.

According to Dr. Julio Garcia, a based expert, you should conduct some research to find the best surgeon in your area. Doing so will prevent you from making costly, irreversible mistakes that you will regret for the rest of your life.


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What is an overbite and why should you correct it.

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